Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
October 2008

Present: Deb Delp, Martha Miller, Diana Johnson, Ken Hays, Kim Motl, Irene Blair, Linda Smith, Jim Burr, Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. September Minutes: “Joe” should be corrected to “Jo”.  Her last name is Berkland.  Jim Burr corrected a point, saying that “one month and 15 minutes” are all the same unit.  Minutes were approved with these corrections.
  3. CPC Report
    1. Statistics were shared.  The fund balance continues to be high.
    2. The Case Management survey will be October 13, 14.
    3. The Legislative Dinner is tonight.  Ken requested agency brochures.  60 people are registered to come, counting legislators.
  4. Provider Reports:
    1. LifeWorks: The new addition was occupied September 22.  There have been more discharges from residential sites as of late than usual.  Teresa Naughton is now the chair of the Iowa Association of Community Providers’ vocational advisory committee.  This puts Teresa onto IACP’s board of directors.
    2. Northwoods Living: They are working on the Town Square Apartment’s 3rd floor’s punch list.  There is much finishing to be done.  There are 24 apartments, with 10 in the process to obtain tax credit status.  They hope to have the apartments filled by the end of the year.  Northwoods had their survey for ICF-MR in Septmeber, two months early.  It went well.  In the meeting, Linda shared “Diversity of the World.”
    3. Berryhill Center: Dr. Bernhagen is busy!!  Phone lines are busy, and they are getting a new phone system.  They submitted their license to provide substance abuse services to the Iowa Department of Public Health.  Day Treatment is starting and will be M-W-F from 12:45 to 3:45.  Rhonda Utley is processing the referrals.  Remodeling is progressing, and is supposed to be done by the beginning of the year.
    4. Friendship Center: met with contractors for bidding.  The center is moving on Monday and will be open the same hours as case management due to security issues.  The north part of the center will be completed first.  Once that is done, then the Friendship Center will move in there while the kitchen is being done.  The majority should hopefully be done by Christmas. 
    5. Genesis: Nothing new to report.
    6. Mental Health Advocate: Irene reported there are nine new cases, one termination, and a total of 63 cases.
    7. Action Program: Thirty six is the current census.  The nurse for the program is leaving.  The dog is going to AKC classes, then to Des Moines to become a therapy dog.  There is a Mental Health First Aid program, like the equivalent to first aid but for mental health.  There is an invitation to attend a train-the-trainer program for one week in Des Moines.  Target audience for the Mental Health First Aid program is the police, fire department, general citizens, and school personnel.
    8. Schools: No report
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Crisis/Emergency Response: (see above about Mental Health First Aid).  A question came up about the mobile crisis unit, and an update was given.  Providers from Des Moines visited, said they’d give information, but it has not been received yet.  The Request for Proposal for emergency services includes mobile crisis unit, but the RFP is not out yet and won’t be out until January.  The draft RFP seems grandiose.
    2. Co-Occurring Disorders: Dr. Ken Minkov will be in Des Moines in October.  He has tentatively agreed to come in January.  Community and Family Resources has a management contract with the Richman Center in Ames.  After the year, they may take over.
    3. Corrections: no report
    4. Education and Training: The Legislative Dinner is tonight.  This committee will help the co-occurring committee with the Minkov event. 
    5. Vocational: October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.  This will be publicized in the Chamber’s Member to Member monthly publication and on channel 12.  Irene expressed interest in adding Gregg Kraemer or Mary Augustus to this committee.
    6. Mental Health/Substance Abuse: (Isn’t this the same as “b” above??)
    7. Housing: The North Central Iowa Coalition on Homelessness is requesting a mayoral proclamation to declare November 16-22 as Hunger and Homeless week.  On November 15 there will be a food and blanket drive at Wal-Mart to collect food/blankets and to hand out educational materials.  There will be a public service announcement, an announcement on cable channel.  Ann Davidson will write a letter to the editor.  The continuum of care application has been submitted.
    8. Brain Injury: Rachel was chosen by Iowa Association of Community Providers to get scholarship to the National BI conference in New Orleans.  Irene said she sent a survey out to learn of interest and/or ideas.


Next meeting is November 6.

Teresa Naughton, Secretary