Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
November 6, 2008

Present: Diana Johnson, Lis Ristau, Deb Delp, Brian Schmidt, Richard Scisco, Beth Stuhr, Teresa Naughton, Linda Smith, Jim Burr, Martha Miller, Irene Blair, and Ken Hays

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. October minutes were approved.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report:
    1. Irene discussed the statistical report. 
      1. Irene is in the process of amending the budget to add $200,000 to cover the construction and other costs.  Irene continues to be worried about next year; FY08 figures will be used for two years in order to get the system to a place so that CPC’s will be able to know how many dollars the state will give in advance instead of when it is currently learned.
      2. Curt Stoebe presented to the Emergency Department about the commitment process
    2. Construction for the Friendship Center has started!  Work is projected to be done by December 19, per schedule.  The north part will be finished first.  The center’s hours will continue to be limited.
    3. Their office will be closed Veteran’s day.  Some construction will be done on that day while the offices are vacated.
    4. Webster County Community Services has received Frontier enhanced phone services.
    5. The annual report is due December 1
    6. Chapter 24 Case Management survey was completed, and the unit will receive a three-year accreditation. 
    7. Counties are developing a network system.  DHS uses ISIS as their management information system.  This would connect all counties so the application information is in a data warehouse.  It will be web-based, and Webster County will be a test site.  It will have security restrictions like ISIS.
  4. The strategic Plan is due April 1, and a new one needs to be developed.  The process will have participants review the former plan, review community needs, and set new goals.  There will be an advertisement in the Messenger to invite people who don’t get a personal invitation.  The target for the first meeting is the end of January (specifically the fourth Thursday).  Irene will e-mail a date and time.  The idea is to meet every other Thursday until the plan is done.
  5. Provider Reports:
    1. LifeWorks: Our annual report is done and in the mail.
    2. Northwoods Living: Their open house is done.  Community Support Staff are moving today into their offices in Town Square Apartments.  There will be an on-call phone for emergencies.  Five apartments are occupied currently.  There is controlled access to the building that utilizes phones.
    3. Berryhill Center: Mental Health first aid training was postponed, so Jim and Deb will not attend.  Fire, police, and schools could benefit from training.  Steve Duffy with Trinity Recovery moved into the building.  A clerical staff member is moving as well.  Day Treatment has 5-6 people currently.  Remodeling is underway. 
    4. Friendship Center: Membership was down, and the budget is down a little, too.  They’ve had to cut down on some events/outings.  They had a Halloween party where about 22 people participated.  All are eagerly awaiting the construction’s completion.
    5. Genesis: Staying busy!
    6. Mental Health Advocate: no report
    7. Action: The census is at 37.  They have an opening on the team, but are not filling it until the census is up.
    8. Fort Dodge Community Schools: They have a compliance review that involves 67 teachers in special education.  This is a paper audit.  The Department of Education is pushing transition.  683 students were served last year in Special Education.  The programs are not usually fully funded.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Crisis: There is a grant available for emergency services and the request for proposals is pending.
    2. Co-Occurring Disorders: Met Tuesday.  Shared updates.  Dr. Minkoff will be speaking in January on Friday the 9th.  He will do a presentation on co-occurring disorders.  Jim will try to get all therapy staff there from the Berryhill Center.  Working on making CEU’s available and getting the brochure out soon.  It will be an all-day training. 
    3. Corrections Task Force: Not done anything with this committee.  The new strategic planning will show if it’s a need, and a possible leader can be identified.
    4. Education and Training:  The Legislative Dinner was done in October.
    5. Vocational: Irene spoke with Mary and Gregg.  Voc Rehab is serving fewer people. 
    6. Housing: no report
    7. Brain Injury: Rachel is doing the work on this. Ben Woolworth contacted Irene because he was contacted by a family member.  He’d like to come to do a training.  Ben and Tom Brown did good training; Tom took another job.  When training happens, Irene will contact providers.  Rachel attended a national BI conference.


Next meeting: Thursday December 4.

Teresa Naughton, Recorder