Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
December 4, 2008

Present: Lis Ristau, Ken Hays, Kim Motl, Irene Blair, Linda Smith, Jim Burr, Richard Scisco, Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome given
  2. Minutes were approved.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report
    1. State auditors show the balance being just under 25% in accordance with the accrual method.  The fund balance from last year will impact for two years.  To get state dollars, the fund balance must be below 10%.
    2. Statistics were reviewed.  Irene noted the November emergency commitments are lower.
    3. Irene noted it is harder to get people onto case management than in the past.  The key reason cited for this was IME’s and Magellan’s interpretation of the rules.  There also MUST be a number for the IQ for acceptance.  Case management rules now include billing at 15-minute increments, but there are no answers to some questions like what exactly is billable and if there is a cap for the number of units allowed to bill. 
    4. Dr. Minkoff is coming January 9th to do a presentation on dual diagnosis.
    5. Irene invited various people to come February 3 at 10:00 to clarify what is required from various entities.  Craig Peterson, Jim Overland, Debbie Johnson, Don Gookin, Lori Hamand, Sara Burke are invited. 
    6. Guardianship/Payee/Conservatorship workshop was done by the Iowa Office of Decision Makers and Irene would like to invite them to present.  Irene is also interested in having Iowa Aftercare invited to present as well since it serves kids coming out of foster care and potentially moving into the adult system.
    7. There has not been good oversight for the Consumer Directed Attendant Care program (CDAC).  Rules are changing to require more, and background checks for people working in the program will now be required.
  4. Annual Report/Strategic Planning: Irene passed out the annual report and made comments.  Strategic Planning is due this year.  The first meeting will be Thursday January 22 from 8:00 - 9:30.  Subsequent meetings will be every two weeks until the plan is finished.  Irene noted there was interest expressed in having a NAMI group, and will need to consider this for the Strategic Plan.
  5. Provider Reports:
    1. LifeWorks: LifeWorks had a referral for a person who was moving from ICF level care to HCBS, so Money Follows the Person program will be used.  There were three Supported Employment placements and one work crew done in the first five months of the fiscal year.  There is currently one job seeker.  LifeWorks has worked on the newly required HCBS Quality Framework.  The Self-Assessment was completed and a plan put into place to put onto paper what was not already there (in many cases). 
    2. Northwoods Living: Town Square Apartments is not filling up as quickly as they would like to see.  There is now a $150 referral bonus, and they’re recruiting people from all over.  Joan and Darlene have moved their offices to Town Square.  Northwoods is planning Christmas parties.
    3. Berryhill Center: Remodeling continues.  They are experiencing continued problems with drainage.  They participated in a conference call between IME, Abby Center in Cedar Rapids, Magellan in order to discuss how ACT programs skew figures on cost reports.  IME was in agreement with the Berryhill Center!  This is a problem that goes back to FY06.  The school program will cease that the end of the month because the grant ended. 
    4. ACTion Program:  The basement of the Berryhill Center is being remodeled, where their offices are.
    5. Fort Dodge CSD:  Lis shared data on weighted enrollment in special education.  There is a total of 677 students served; there were 683 last year.  The largest number of identified children are served on level 1.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Crisis: no report
    2. Co-Occurring Disorders: Dr. Ken Minkoff is coming January 9.
    3. Corrections Task Force: No report
    4. Education and Training: Dr. Ken Minkoff is coming January 9.  The event will be held at Trinity, and the brochure will go out soon.  The cost will be $15, including lunch.  The capacity for the training is about 65 people.
    5. Vocational: no report
    6. Housing: A food drive and awareness event was held November 15.
    7. Brain Injury: no report


Next Meeting: January 8, 2009.

Teresa Naughton, Recorder