Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
January 8, 2009

Present: Gregg Kreamer, Jim Burr, Linda Smith, Kim Motl, Martha Miller, Ken Hays, Beth Stuhr, Mary Augustus, Brian Schmidt, and Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. December minutes were approved.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report
    1. Irene reviewed November and December budget data.  She was unsure why November expenditures were so much lower than December.
    2. Dollars will be added to the budget for remodeling.
    3. One year’s fund balance will be used for two years (this year and next year).  The year used was a really good year for Webster County, so dollars drawn down from the state will be few if any. 
    4. Commitments were down in the month of December
    5. MR Waiver slots are set by the county.  Webster County has 115.  All slots have been used in Webster County, which is unusual.  There were four kids referred for MR waiver services who were not in the system and therefore were not expected.  A county can increase their HCBS slots twice per year.
    6. Irene mentioned she learned Spectra is closing its doors, perhaps in February.
    7. There is a moratorium on case management rules, yet the state is proceeding as if the feds have passed it.  DHS is working on changes to Chapter 90 rules for case management.  Billable units will change from monthly units to 15 minute units.  There is uncertainty about what will be considered billable activity.  There will be a training later this month on cost reports.
    8. There have been criticisms about Iowa’s county-driven system that there are 99 counties and therefore 99 ways to do things.  In response to this criticism, Webster, Kossuth, Wright, Calhoun, Humboldt are looking at working with each other to have a uniform county management plan.
    9. Residency rules aren’t published yet and not open for comment.  There has been no decision on the appeal process.
  4. Strategic Plan: Notices have been e-mailed, and will be posted in the Friendship Center and Messenger.  The first meeting will be at 8am on January 22.  The meeting will be in the basement of the Bank of America Building.  Interested people are encouraged to attend.  Community Needs Data will be very helpful, and Irene thanked Linda for that.
  5. Provider Reports:
    1. LifeWorks: Accreditation from CARF, a national accreditation body, is due in 2009.  The decision has been made to have accreditation in vocational services and not residential.  Residential services already have accreditation/licensing processes for all services per requirements, and paying for CARF to come as well is duplication and costly.  Also, long-time board member Anne Hilsabeck passed away.
    2. Northwoods Living: There are nine apartments filled and two to three residents approved for move-in.  Four are in process.  There is little interest in two bedroom apartments.  A meeting with residents was held about respect and dignity.  Northwoods is beginning an austerity program and is working on budget cuts and service reductions. Joan is preparing a letter.  Northwoods is also out of local match money for the homeless program.  Thirteen thousand dollars are still available, but a match is required to draw down the dollars.  The match is dollar-for-dollar.
    3. Berryhill Center: They are losing less money than they were last year.  Phone system installation and construction should be done today.  A Request for Proposal (RFP) for Emergency Mental Health Services was submitted.  The plan is for staff availability 24/7.  Also, Jim will no longer see patients in order to be the center’s full-time administrator.
    4. ACTION: There are 35 individuals receiving services.  Five are pending for admission.
    5. Friendship Center: They have moved to the new location and are working around the construction.  Hours are 7:30-4:30 M-F, and will be extended when security is in place.  Brian reported average attendance is around 20 people, but there were 34 and 36 people yesterday and the day before. 
    6. Genesis: Continues to be busy.  Tim Leonard passed, who worked for the Youth Center, which will affect some individuals served.
    7. Mental Health Advocate: No report
    8. Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services:  Had good statistics last year, had one co-funded placement.  IVRS dollars come from the state and from the feds. IVRS had carry over dollars.  They are following the guidelines on spending and are accepting referrals.
    9. Iowa Workforce Development: Gregg Kreamer’s position as Disability Navigator is federally funded through the Department of Labor (DOL).  Funding for the positions is questionable year to year.  There are eight navigators in the state.  They are an Employment Network (EN) through Social Security’s Ticket to Work program.  Social Security is looking for more ENs.  Gregg reported DOL is watching Iowa with interest because Iowa is assigning tickets and finding success.  Iowa Workforce Development’s offices in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids are very busy.  The unemployment rate in Webster County is not outrageous yet. 
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Crisis/Emergency Response: The RFP is done.
    2. Co-Occurring Disorders: Dr. Minkoff is coming to present tomorrow.  There are 74 people signed up to attend.
    3. Corrections: No report
    4. Education/Community Awareness: No report
    5. Vocational: A presentation was developed to use to educate employers, but it will need to be adjusted since there is no longer a workforce shortage.
    6. Housing: NCIHC meets monthly and is working on grants.  They are receiving new members to the committee and will elect officers.  Ken reported that the Shelter Plus Care Program has openings.  To be eligible for the program, an individual must have a disability and are homeless or near homeless. 
    7. Brain Injury: No report


Next meeting: Thursday February 5th.

Teresa Naughton, Secretary