Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
March 12, 2009

Present: Gregg Kreamer, Mary Augustus, Irene Blair, Kim Motl, Ken Hays, Brian Schmidt, Martha Miller, Beth Stuhr, Jim Burr, Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. Minutes were read and approved.
  3. CPC Rpt/Case Management Report
    1. Budget was amended for construction.  Budget-wise, all is on target. 
    2. Fund balance is too high to qualify for additional state dollars.
    3. February commitments were high, and March will also likely be busy.  Some of the individuals who were committed were under treatment, others were not.
    4. Case Management: 
      1. Case Management currently has all kinds of referrals.
      2. New state rules are going forward, in spite of the Federal moratorium.  State rules become effective July 1 of this year.  Case management will be required to have on-call services.  On-call services are an unfunded mandate, and the advisory board is fighting the rules.  Gene Gessow’s senate confirmation is still pending.
      3. Residency rules have been noticed.  Rules say CPC in county of residence can approve services per their county plan, and the county of legal settlement will pay.  If the county of legal settlement can’t afford the service, then they can put the person on a waiting list.  When it is time for services to be renewed, the county of legal settlement reapproves.
      4. In February, Calhoun, Hamilton, Webster, Kossuth, Pocahontas, Humboldt and Wright agreed on a multi-county county plan. 
  1. Strategic Plan:  Approved by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday and has been sent to the state.  Irene reviewed the Plan.  Plan will start July 1.  Irene will begin work to implement the plan.
  2. Provider Reports:
    1. Fort Dodge Public Schools: no report
    2. Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services: The Federal government have 5.4 million, spread over several years, to place people.  This makes expectations higher.  The question IVRS is asking is how to spend the dollars in a sustainable way.  They could hire more staff, but then what happens when the stimulus is over?
    3. Iowa Workforce Development:  In May, they will be looking to get information out about hiring pe0ople with mental health concerns.  The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was infused with dollars, and now it must find staff to do the work for 18 months. 
    4. LifeWorks:  CARF will be coming to do accreditation in the fall.  The Board approved for the vocational services to be accredited and not residential since there is little benefit for the cost.  Also, work in the sheltered workshop is low.  A waiting list has been implemented in order to ensure there is enough work for individuals to do who are currently enrolled.
    5. Berryhill Center:  Had an open house on 3-11-09.  They are interviewing a child psychiatrist.  They got a grant from Magellan for eight telehealth sites, which they plan to put in smaller local hospitals and the Psychiatrist’s home.  This does not help with the psychiatrist shortage, but evens out distribution.  Trinity is being challenged financially.  Charity care is up, bad debt is up, and admissions are down.  They are looking at cost-cutting measures.  Berryhill is looking at profitability and cost-cutting measures as well. 
    6. Friendship Center:  There are 11 peer-support staff now, and hours are increased to cover evenings.  A newsletter was published this month.  They hope to have an open house for members and then later for the public.  They have added art, writing, and cooking classes.
    7. Mental Health Advocate: No report
    8. Northwoods: No report
    9. Action: They are enjoying the remodeled space.
  3. Committee Reports:
    1. Crisis/Emergency Response: The plan as 24 hour triage, and Jim would like to get going on that, perhaps use CMS grant dollars for this.
    2. Co-Occurring Disorders: There is a need to have change agents to move forward.  Also, the Berryhill Center has a Substance Abuse Counselor on staff.
    3. Education/Community Awareness:  Focusing on goal one of the new Strategic Plan.  They are exploring opportunities to educate legislators.  Casual networking opportunities are being considered.
    4. Vocational:  They continue to pursue goals of Strategic Plan.  In May, they are looking to do education on hiring people with mental health challenges.
    5. Housing:  There are openings in Shelter Plus Care, due to people transitioning out.  One applicant has been approved for the service.  The program is up for renewal this year; Housing, CPC office, and NCICH are meeting to discuss the program.  There have been some good housing increases in Fort Dodge.

(Note: In July, once the new Strategic Plan is effective, committees will change.)

Next meeting is Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teresa Naughton, Secretary