Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
April 2, 2009

Present: Martha Miller, Kim Motl, Irene Blair, Lis Ristau, Linda Smith, Mary Augustus, Gregg Kreamer, Beth Stuhr, Jim Burr, Deb Delp, Diana Johnson, Brian Schmidt, Richard Scisco, Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. March minutes were approved.
  3. CPC Report
    1. Irene reviewed the March statistics.  She noted that after 75% of the year had passed that the expenditures were at 76%.  She speculates that by the end of next year their fund balance will be pretty low.  March was a busy month for commitments.  Irene speculated that emergency commitments will increase as a result of the Clerk of Court’s office hours decreasing; when their office is not open, more commitments will be filed emergency.
    2. A nominating committee needs to be appointed for this committee. 
    3. Rates will have an 11.3% overall cut.  While around 6% could be absorbed with the savings from the increased Federal Medicaid match, the rest will not be able to be absorbed.  One key area for savings would be to have no county funding for individuals who are Medicaid eligible at the sheltered workshop.
    4. There is a hearing today on the case management rules, which are going forward in spite of the federal moratorium on case management rules requirements.
  4. Legislation/Legislature:  There are currently no bills to be discussed.
  5. MH/DD Management Plan: Irene passed this out and asked that members review it.  This is a plan that would be applied in more than just one county, so there was a give and take process.  Irene encouraged all to look at the service matrix.
  6. Provider Reports:
    1. Fort Dodge Community School District: Lis reviewd the School-to-Work program, for individuals with moderate disabilities.  Business partners for this program include C&S, Hy-Vee, AmericInn, Country Inn, Friskies, and the Animal Shelter.  In the students’ Junior/Senior year many work independently (and some need coaches).  Some have worked at Troy Waller and Daniel Tire.  The program serves 60 students and has five teachers.  Lis also shared information about the monthly Dodger Diner.
    2. IVRS: Mary shared the stimulus dollars will be used to hire a Rehabilitation Associate.  There is a high level of accountability.  They are particularly targeting dislocated workers who may have a disability.
    3. Workforce Navigator: Workforce Development is hiring a person for Webster City, and feel that they can keep the individual hired (once the stimulus money runs out) because there will be attrition.  Gregg also shared that $25,000 has been returned from the Ticket to Work program.  There are questions about whether all Navigator positions will continue to be funded beyond June 30. 
    4. LifeWorks: Will start a cleaning crew at Kemna Auto in the middle of April.  LifeWorks is anticipating dorm cleaning again this summer, with a possible expansion. 
    5. Northwoods: All 24 units of the apartments should be full by the end of the month, and there is a waiting list for the one bedroom apartments.  Northwoods received dollars to match the state homeless grant.  They want to look at preventing homelessness, so if there is anyone you know of who is in danger of being homeless then please refer to this program.  Northwoods is currently having a level of care review.  Finally, Northwoods is assessing their future and may stop services that are losing money and increase others.
    6. Berryhill Center: They have about 130 new cases per month.  They are losing one full-time and one part-time therapist, who plan to go into private practice.  Telehealth is moving ahead, with possible May implementation.  They will have an accreditation visit in two weeks.
    7. Friendship Center: They are serving about 30 people each day.  Their hours are 7am-9pm on weekdays, 7am-6pm on Saturdays, and 10am-6pm on Sundays.  New activities include cooking and creative writing classes.  People in the community are using the center’s picnic tables, so if the city code permits they would like to build a fence around it.  They have new blinds in and a sofa in the quiet room.  They may have a community open house in May or June.
    8. Genesis: They have continued business.  Martha is requesting that agencies provide them with brochures for their waiting room (can bring to the next meeting).  Martha said they may have referrals to the Friendship Center, but since individuals may be apprehensive about going at first, wondered about someone to take the new one(s) under their wing.  Peer staff were suggested.  Dues are currently at $4/month.
    9. Mental Health Advocate:  There are five new cases and eight terminations.  There are 53 cases total.
    10. ACTION Program: They have a census of 36. The program has some who are applying to return.  Deb encouraged people to contact Magellan if they have educational needs.  They have a person to trains who has Schizophrenia, for example. 
  7. Committee Reports:
    1. Crisis/Emergency Response: It would be nice to get something going here to prevent a higher-cost service from needing to be utilized.
    2. Co-Occurring Disorders:  There is a need to identify “change agents.”  Meetings are still occurring, which provides a helpful dialogue between Community and Family Resources and the Berryhill Center.
    3. Education/Community Awareness: They are working on a social opportunity so providers can put faces with names and get to know each other better.  They are considering the fall legislative dinner and looking at times before the forum for legislative tours.
    4. Vocational:  May is Mental Health Month and the committee is considering this.  The committee’s goal is to educate businesses; Mary spoke at a Chamber breakfast and will speak at the Network at Noon.
    5. Housing: No report
    6. BI: No report.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 7.

Teresa Naughton, Secretary