Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
May 7, 2009

Present: Martha Miller, Irene Blair, Kim Motl, Ken Hays, Diana Johnson, Brian Schmidt, Mary Augustus, Gregg Kreamer, Jim Burr, Lis Ristau, and Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome given.  Brian mentioned he is getting married Saturday June 13 at 2pm at Grace Lutheran Church, with a reception afterwards.  He invited committee members to attend.
  2. April minutes were approved.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report
    1. April expenditures were down, possibly due to bills being received late.  Consequently, May expenditures are expected to be higher.  Webster County won’t qualify for dollars for FY10, may qualify in FY11, but have concerns about how stimulus dollars could impact eligibility.
    2. Commitments were up, with children’s commitments being the highest to date.
    3. Case Management: In the state of Iowa, more slots may become open effective July 1 (for example in the Children’s Mental Health Waiver program)
  4. Legislation/Legislature:
    1. Gene Gessow is no longer the DHS Director.  He has been replaced by Charles Krogmeyer.
    2. Medicaid services are paid by the Federal government, with a local match required.  This non-federal match for Medicaid will decrease by 6.2%, making the match 30%.  This change was made retroactive to October 2008.  Credits will be made at the client level.  For Webster County, based on FY08 billings, projected savings are $331,963 for FY09.  Credits should equal around that amount, which is about one month of bills for Medicaid.  Due to the savings, it is unknown if Webster County will qualify for growth funds for FY11.  The match is scheduled to return to 36.2% in December 2010.
    3. The legislature put 10 million into the risk pool. 
    4. The “Money Follows the Person” targeted moving 528 individuals from ICF level care by 9/30/11.  Counties have not cited many people as candidates for using this program and moving.
    5. Case Management Rules: The Administrative Rules Committee will act in June.  They have to republish some rules since some were omitted.  Legislators asked why Iowa is proceeding with rules if there is a moratorium at the Federal level.  Feds are considering rescinding rules, but it is in the comment period currently.  Case management rules would also impact school-based case management.  Gene Gessow was pushing for this legislation when he was the DHS Director.
  5. Management Plan: Some comments were received.  Irene will take the comments back to the committee.
  6. Nominating Committee: All current participants will stay on.  Officers selected are Kim Motl as President, Diana Johnson as Vice-President, and Teresa Naughton as Secretary.  It would be nice to add a member who would represent the judicial branch and another parent.  Irene had some ideas.
  7. Provider Reports:
    1. FD Community Schools: Special Education had a review.  They did particularly well in the area of transition, where they met all standards.  Each student has a transition portfolio, starting from 7th grade, which addresses living, learning and working.  Goal writing was an area of concern.  Some revamping will be done.  Also, the Department of Education will do a site visit to the FD Community School District in February.
    2. IVRS: Yesterday a school psychologist, the high school principal, and Lori met.  They discussed determining IVRS eligibility in a different way since testing is no longer done.  They hope this will improve transition.  IVRS continues to focus on dislocated workers.  If you know of people who are working and have needs (ie: hearing aids), please consider IVRS.
    3. Disabilities Program Navigator: Funding is questionable, as always at this time of the year.  They have funding through June 30th.  There is an invitation to participate in focus groups, which will be held June 3 from 1-3:30pm at Iowa Workforce Development.  Iowa Association of Providers of Supported Employment (APSE) is hosting focus groups, on needed changes to enhance employment options for individuals.
    4. LifeWorks:  Through the Chamber’s School to Work transition committee, two teachers toured LifeWorks; this presentation resulted in a presentation to VESS.  A work Crew at Kemna Auto has started.  They work every Sunday.  Leash customers who have not ordered from LifeWorks in a year or more received a direct mailing, and sales increased as a result. 
    5. Northwoods: no report
    6. Berryhill Center:  They have their three year accreditation; small corrections are needed.  Jim said he is going back to doing some therapy in addition to administrative duties.  Jim is currently doing all the consults for Trinity.  Telehealth is moving forward.  There will be a second interview for a telehealth practitioner, a Cuban-American from Des Moines.  There is a possible therapist coming; they are in negotiations presently.  Magellan and Medicare will pay for telehealth, Jim is unsure about Wellmark.
    7. Friendship Center: They will have an open house Wednesday June 24 from 3-5pm.  Average attendance is 45 during the day, seven in the evening, and 24 per day on weekends.  Air hockey is coming on Friday.  Morale at the Center has been very positive.
    8. Genesis: There is an influx of referrals this spring, as usual for spring.
    9. Action: Serving 36 individuals, with six in the referral process.
  8. Committee Reports:
    1. Crisis:  This has ended up being a committee where the true value has been in getting together to learn more about and from each other.  Irene, Berryhill Center, and CFR possibly interested in continuing to meet to consider crisis services.
    2. Co-Occurring: Did not meet.
    3. Education/Community Awareness: May is Mental Health Month, and the focus will be on children’s mental health.  There will be an ad on channel 12, letters to the editor, letters to churches.  They will meet about the LifeSavers project.  Lis volunteered students to help affix information on the LifeSavers.
    4. Housing:  Meeting monthly.  There are openings in Shelter plus Care.  About $15 million will be coming to Iowa for homelessness, through the stimulus, for rent, deposit and utilities.  Lyle Schwering with the Iowa Homeless Coalition, Irene and Ken met in April.
    5. Vocational:  A presentation has been developed.  It will be presented to SBDC, SCORE to critique.

Next meeting: Thursday June 4, 7:30am

Teresa Naughton, Secretary