Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
June 4, 2009

Present: Brian Schmidt, Richard Scisco, Linda Smith, Martha Miller, Irene Blair, Kim Motl, Ken Hays, Mary Augustus, Jim Burr, Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. Minutes were approved.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report:
    1. Stimulus package will impact the fund balance.  For Medicaid services, 30% is the non-Federal share.  It used to be around 37%.  On May 15, Webster County received credits for payments dating back to October 2008.  The stimulus will affect all counties in the state.  Webster County qualified for no growth dollars, due to FY08 fund balance.  There was $10 million in the risk pool, but Webster County would not qualify.  In FY10 the fund balance will be OK, the stimulus dollars will help, but FY11 is a concern. 
    2. There were a large number of emergency commitments in May.  The number of kids committed is high.  199 individuals receive case management, and several people are in the admission process.  IME is doing away with rules relating to case management, effective July 1.
    3. Case Management Rules: Administrative Rules Committee will meet, so there will be information about 15 minute billing and on-call service requirements.
    4. Disaster Mental Health Funds: Webster County has $9,937 available for people affected by the flooding of 2008.  Irene wondered if anyone knew of people who were impacted.  Therapy, SCL, Vocational, Transportation can all be funded.
    5. Open House for the Friendship Center will be June 24, from 3-5pm.
    6. Acute Task Force Meeting (in Des Moines):  There was a meeting due to lack of crisis services.  Discussed Crisis Intervention Team, Access Centers for triage, and freestanding Crisis Stabilization units.  They are looking at the “revolving door.”  Irene is approving more RCF services, and sees a need. She wonders if an RCF-PMI is needed. 
    7. Strategic Plan
      1. Education Committee: Will educate legislators on issues.  She wonders if the people currently on the Education and Training committee will continue.
      2. Individual Transition to Community Living after Hospitalization:  Transition/Crisis committee
      3. Vocational: Considering asking the current committee to see if they would continue.
      4. Reduce Paperwork/Rules:  Agency administrators may be best members of this committee.
    8. MH/DD Management Plan: Irene contacted other counties, heard nothing.  Irene will take the plan to the Board of Supervisors, for their approval.  It is then sent to the state.
    9. Nominating Committee: Would like another parent and an attorney, but will take the names of the people we have on the community now to the supervisors.  It is OK to take additional names to the supervisors at a later time.  Kim Motl will be the President, Diana Johnson Vice President, and Teresa Naughton Secretary.
  4. Provider Reports:
    1. Northwoods Living:  They have two one-bedroom apartments available.  They had surveys!  They had a Social Security survey, one from out-of-state.  ICF payee records “should be the model for the nation!”
    2. IVRS: A temporary associate will be hired for about 18 months, until the stimulus dollars run out.  Counselors are being told they need to place individuals because of increased expectations associated with the stimulus dollars.
    3. LifeWorks: LifeWorks has a crew at the college, cleaning dorms.  Sales in the shop have picked up, and Northwoods is sending an enclave to help with the work.  The CARF Intent to Survey is completed, so dates for CARF should be forthcoming.  They will only survey vocational services, and will come in September or October.  LifeWorks submitted documentation for a massive desk audit, in order to have HCBS extend certification on HCBS and Habilitation Services.
    4. Berryhill Center: Two weeks ago, Dr. Bernhagen’s wife was severely injured.  Mike Corsberg and Joan Kitten are helping to fill the void during his absence.  Teresa Anderson will be hired on the 22nd.  She is a certified drug/alcohol counselor and will soon be licensed.  She has worked at the Boys Ranch, the prison. Equipment is being installed for Telehealth.  The Berryhill Center is discontinuing Day Treatment Program due to lack of interest.
    5. Action: There are 41 people currently.  They are looking to add another staff member.  ACT will be in the state plan, and are looking at funding (and thus billable units).
    6. Friendship Center: Construction is close to being done, work is needed in the outside area.  The have card tables, computers, air hockey & ping pong tables.  Attendance is picking up.  There was a party on Memorial Day.  Monthly dues are $4.  People can apply through Ken/Irene.  There are 15-16 people signed up to be in the parade.  Next Tuesday they will go to an Iowa Cubs game.
    7. Genesis: Nothing new to report.
    8. Mental Health Advocate: She is currently working with 48 people.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Crisis/Emergency Response: A group of therapists are meeting once per month.
    2. Co-occurring Disorders: Dr. Minkoff will be back in July.
    3. Education: Completed activities for Mental Health Month. 
    4. Vocational: Worked on PowerPoint, which was demonstrated to Jim Patton and SCORE to get input.  The funding for the Disability Navigator position runs out June 30, and there is no word on whether funding will be continued or not.
    5. Housing: There are two openings in Shelter Plus Care.  North Central Iowa Coalition on Homelessness did not meet.  There is talk of getting beds for indigent/homeless men, but nothing concrete.
    6. Brain Injury: Rachel e-mailed Irene, saying there have been support meetings, a questionnaire asking if participants felt support meetings were beneficial.  Irene met with someone with Brain Injury, who had not met Rachel at that time.  Irene wonders if there could be a connection between a new person and a mentor.
  6. Irene is suggesting no meeting for July or August.  The next meeting is planned for September 3.  If we need another meeting, one will be called.


Teresa Naughton, Secretary