Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
October 1, 2009

Attending: Diana Johnson, Brian Schmidt, Mary Augustus, Ken Hays, Kim Motl, Irene Blair, Beth Stuhr, Gregg Kreamer, Teresa Naughton

  1. Fire trucks welcomed the group today.
  2. Minutes: Mary Augustus noted, in the Vocational Rehabilitation section of provider updates, that Tacy’s last name is “Arens.”  No other corrections.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report:
    1. $5,067,562 is the correct budget figure, what is in the report Irene handed out is incorrect.  This was because the county management information system combined Irene’s budget with another.
    2. Expenditures are up, due to the management information system and unpaid bills.  Irene is not convinced they have caught up in bill-paying.  Twenty-one percent of the budget has been spent for 25% of the year.
    3. Commitments in September include some individuals who have been rehospitalized.
    4. No report on new files.  CPC applications and Friendship Center are the same.
    5. Case Management: Counties complained, the legislature heard, and there will no longer be needing to record work done minute-by-minute.  State needs a new cost report.  This change is good.  The state is also saying more case management work is billable.  Previously what was considered billable was very narrowly defined.  Case management must be on call 24 hours, so Irene will keep the emergency cell phone and monitor contacts made.
    6. There is a Legislative Dinner, to be held October 29 in the basement of the Bank of America Building.  Dinner will be at 6pm.  Friendship Center is doing skits and work is being done to line up speakers.  Invitations will go out next week.
    7. Mental Health Task Force is looking to close one of the mental health institutes, and each one has invited people to come and comment.  Cherokee’s was well attended.  One task force member commented to Irene that she has seen significant waste.
    8. Janet Gadbury is doing social work at this time, and she is being kept busy.  The arrangement is working out well.  She also sees about 43 people who are in ICF-MRs.  Janet also works with those who decline case management.
    9. CSN System: This is a management information system through the Iowa State Association of Counties.  Webster County is one of the testing counties.  Benefits of such a system include ease in giving information required by the state and electronic billing capabilities.
    10. A contract has been signed for behavior health care with St. Luke’s hospital in Cedar Rapids.
    11. Acute Crisis Stabilization:  Irene has been working on this committee.  They feel sub-acute residential care is needed, which would include a locked unit, registered nurses, access to psychiatrists, and the ability to have a locked unit.  Irene said it would take laws to get sub-acute residential care in place.
  4. MH/DD Plan: This has been done with other counties, and it is on hold currently.  They must get together again.
  5. Provider Reports:
    1. Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services:  Their fiscal year ended September 30th.  Mary passed out data for her region.  There have been 150 successful placements in FY09 in her region, with 86 of them in the counties served by the Fort Dodge Iowa Workforce Development. 
    2. Iowa Workforce Development/Navigator: IWD is working to implement the “Integrated Service Concept”, where there is no front counter.  People would be greeted at the front door, their needs discovered, then they would be directed to the correct area for assistance.  They are trying to do more assessing first.  Gregg noted many people often hide their disabilities, so the process of discovery may uncover more in the area of disability.  This service concept is also being done in Creston, Des Moines, Dubuque, and Council Bluffs.  The unemployment rate is currently at 6.8%.  Gregg served as a facilitator at “Everyone Survives” conference, which focuses on disaster planning.  People with special needs are often overlooked in disaster planning.  There is a need to identify where mental health services are and need to train first responders in mental health.
    3. LifeWorks:  CARF is coming to do an accreditation survey October 21-23.  Teresa shared statistics.  Referrals for all work services are going down and referrals for Day Habilitation are going up. Cost reports for HCBS waiver services, Habilitation, Residential Care Facilities, and county services were due by September 30.  The (lengthy!) HCBS Self-Assessment has been completed, also, as required.
    4. Friendship Center: Twenty-six people attended the Spencer Fair.  Three more staff have been hired.  They are working on skits for the Legislative Dinner.  They will have more fall activities and are planning a Halloween party and boat trip in Iowa Falls.  Staff do a nice job of keeping people involved in activities.  The Artful Dodger’s “Window to my World” project is from noon to five pm on Saturday. 
    5. Northwoods Living: They will be part of Opportunity Village instead of Trinity Regional Medical Center, effective January 1 2010.  They will retain their name.
  6. Report on Strategic Plan goals:
    1. Acute Care/Crisis Services:  Mental Health Center received an emergency services grant.  The grant will be to develop a mobile crisis team.  They are in the process of hiring. 
    2. Education: no discussion (see information about the legislative dinner above)
    3. Administrative Rules/Paperwork:  no discussion
    4. Vocational: October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.  Posters are around and an ad is running on Cable channel 12. There will be a letter to the editor, 30 second trainings, a story on a worker at Pizza Hut, and an employer presentation in November.

Meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be Thursday November 5.

Teresa Naughton, Secretary