Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
June 3, 2010

Attending: Kim Motl, Irene Blair, Beth Stuhr, Diana Johnson, Martha Miller, Gregg Kreamer, Mary Augustus, Brian Schmidt, Linda Smith, Ken Hays

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m. by Chair-person Kim Motl.  All present were welcomed.  The minutes of the May 6, 2010 meeting were approved as presented.

CPC Report –

  1. April expenditures were presented and May fund balances showed a continued decline.  Irene stated that with the April expenditures being what they were we should be OK on budget for the fiscal year.  There has been no word yet about extending the increased subsidy of the non-Federal share of Medicaid beyond December
  2. CSN- Community Services Network – Irene stated that she can see some advantages to the new system and that using the system seems to be going better.  Irene expressed some concerns about making sure that the system is secure due to its being web based.
  3. COC – Participating agencies within Webster County will be utilizing the COMPASS-EZ to determine their Co-Occurring competency/capacity by August.  It is hoped to have a phone consult with the consultants during July.
  4. The next Family Support Group is scheduled for June 10th at 6:30 p.m.  Irene stated that there are some possible leaders in the group and that she is trying to help them connect with NAMI in Des Moines.
  5. Irene reported that it had been a very busy month for commitments.  Hospitalization beds are very difficult to find.  Of the 32 commitments, six were kids.   
  6. Some people have been removed from the state waiting list however new applicants with state case status are being placed on a wait list.
  7. Waiver slots will no longer be managed by counties.  All waiver slots will be placed in a pool and the state will manage the funding/granting of waiver services.  It is unclear how this will work.
  8. The Dual Recovery Group is up and going.  They meet at the WCCS conference room each Tuesday at 4:30. 
  9. The Life Skills training drawn from the STEPPs program meets every Thursday at the Friendship Center at 5:30.

Provider Reports-

  1. Genesis Mental Health Associates – Martha Miller reported on the Suicide Survivor Walk scheduled for June 12th.  Contact Martha for more information.
  2. Northwoods Living/Opportunity Village – Linda reported that both of the 2 recent openings at their RCF would be filled soon.  Today, Tom Pomeranz will be doing observation at their agency and then conducting a training tomorrow at Clear Lake.  She continues to work on budget reduction issues and anticipates needing to reduce one full time position as a part of that reduction.
  3. Iowa Workforce Development/Navigator - Gregg Kreamer reported that right now IWD is continuing to educate applicants on the basic job seeking skills and utilization of the skills they have.  He distributed a flyer with info about this effort.  Classes will be continuing through the end of June.  Gregg also reported on current jobless rates.  For April, Webster County was at 8.5% unemployment compared to 6.9% for Iowa.  From his observation jobs seem to be lagging behind the recovery of the economy. Gregg stated that some economists are predicting that there may be more people left behind following this latest recession than those of past years.  The Navigators continue to work with the ticket to work program and are seeing some success.   Gregg reported that he would be retiring as of July 15th.  His contribution to the committee and to the lives of people with disabilities here in Webster County will be greatly missed.
  4. IVRS  – Mary Augustus reported that their office would be seeing a reduction of one clerical position because of budget reductions.  From her perspective the economy/work opportunities are very “volatile”.  The picture of what jobs are available and what areas are ripe for new careers changes rapidly.  She gave the example of the Wind Energy business.  Just a short time ago that was the “hot” job.  Community colleges are now having difficulty finding internships for their students to get on the job experience in that field.   
  5. Friendship Center – Brian Schmidt reported that attendance attending is holding steady.  Many people are coming in the mornings before going off for the day.  Brian stated 45 people attended the Memorial Day event this week.  Hours have been expanded for the summer – 6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. daily.  The center is open 115 hours per week and that the members are really pitching in and helping with cleaning, etc.

Committee Reports-

  1. Acute Care/ Crisis – A meeting was held with the Fort Dodge Police Captains and the Mobile Crisis Team.  Things seem to be moving in the right direction.
  2. Education – A suicide prevention workshop was held Thursday May 20th.  Participation was not high but those who attended benefited from the presentations.  The next project on the docket for the committee is the legislative dinner in the fall.  This year candidates will be invited.
  3. Paperwork – Irene and Linda Smith will be meeting to set up a time to inform/work with legislators.
  4. Vocational/Community Employment – Not much progress has been made due to the slow economy.


Next meeting will be July 1, 2010 at 7:30 a.m.
Respectfully presented,

Ken Hays
Note Taker