Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
July 1, 2010

Attended:  Teresa Naughton, Diane Johnson, Lis Ristau, Linda Smith, Mary Augustus, Brian Schmidt, Ken Hays, Irene Blair  

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. Minutes were approved.
  3. CPC Report & Case Management Report
    1. No statistical information is available since it’s the first day of July.   April/May busy with commit, June was lighter.  Some people are committed repeatedly.  Daphne and Irene e-mailing, Daphne wants more information on what can be different.
    2. Case Management- Caseload is relatively stable.  Starting July 1 case management is billing in 15 minute increments, and no rate established.  Case Management started in 1989 with one month as a billable unit per person.  State said feds didn’t like it.  A projected cost report was submitted, IME is asking lots of questions like the projected units per consumer per month, caseloads.  Case management is supposed to be cost based.  BI waiver for case management is not cost settled.  Habilitation isn’t cost based for case management.  There is no cap to the rate (presently).  DHS does case management, 2.5% reduction lifted for case management 7/1/10.
    3. CSN is management information system, and still presents frustrations.  Funding requirement for Pottawattamie Co. person living in Web. Co. worked well.  The method for entering rates for FY11 told to Irene yesterday, today rates are effective.
    4. Chart of account numbers changed last year, changed again this year.  Should reflect information to the state so that state can  pull out prices.
    5. There is now a plan for equal access for ID waiver slots.  This was caused by families with kids on waiting lists; people who lived in Iowa all their lives were bumped by folks in Atalissa.  They went to feds, feds told Iowa to change.  Many in DHS took early retirement, so state and local offices are very busy. 
    6. Irene passed out sheet about special education reductions and FMAP extension ending.  The Congressional Budget Office said debt levels are unsustainable.
    7. A group met with Margaret Stout about forming NAMI group.  They will meet at WCCS at 5pm next Thurs.  Irene and Ken plan to get a notice to The Messenger.
    8. The co-occurring disorders group is meeting.  They are working with Minkhoff and Dr. Klein.  There are several people at table.  Compass tool assesses the perception of an agency’s ability to welcome/serve people with co-occurring disorders.  After, the committee will get together with Dr. Minkhoff to consider next steps.  Children’s agencies are at the table too.  Tool is to be done by agencies by Aug. 25th.  Next training is in Des Moines July 14th; it’s free and at the historical building downtown.  
  4. Provider Reports
    1. Fort Dodge Community School District-45 people have retired.  Bridges staff saved. There will still need to have some layoffs.  Doug Vanzhyl is Linda’s replacement and is coming mid-August. 638 children were served in Special Education this year.  683 were served last year.  Four Oaks pulled out of service provision, but Youth Shelter Care will continue program and provide remedial services.  Diane Arndt is over this program, and the FDCSD will offer the educational piece. In the Pre-school program, (four year-old pre-school) two more classes were added.  More kids are being identified with needs.  There are 15-16 kids per class, with one teacher and two paraeducators.  There are no cuts to pre-school funding.
    2. IVRS- Their secretary retired.  They are doing OK with getting people jobs.  There is currently a waiting list. 
    3. IWD- Mary reported Gregg is retiring mid-July.  She said IWD has lots of temporary workers, and that the unemployment rate for Webster County is around 8-9%.
    4. LifeWorks- All have been placed who are enrolled as job seekers in the Community Employment Services program.  LifeWorks was approached by Dominium Management months ago, asking if LW would partner with them to provide services at the Wahkonsa.  Dominium got the grant, so LifeWorks is gearing up.  2.5% rate reduction will continue for FY11, but is now perpetual in the rules (passed as emergency).  There is still a public comment period.  LifeWorks has a crew cleaning dorms at the college presently.
    5. NWL- Has three licenses of 10, not one license to serve 30.  They had a survey, and two of the houses were citation-free.  One had small items indicated.  The two ICF openings they had are now full.  The behavior problems are astounding, with serious aggressions. $600,000 needs to be saved. There is a need for Day Habilitation, and they are getting referrals.  Funding from the United Way for the Representative Payee Program has significantly decreased, $14,000 to $9,000 to $5,600 now.  The homeless grant was getting $22,000, last year it was cut to $10,000, now they still have $10,000 just for the first six months with something brand new 1-1-11.  Annual homeless review will be at the end of July.  There is now a second-hand store at the NPS building running 2pm-4pm Mondays and Tuesdays.  They had sessions with Tom Pomerantz, who will return next May.
    6. Berryhill- No report.
    7. Friendship Center- There are one to two new members every year, but typically attendance decreases.  The Center is open a lot of hours.  Special events include 27 people to an Iowa Cubs game. There is a trip planned on July 29th to the Grotto.  They plan to go to the Clay County Fair in September.  There is a support group that meets on Friday afternoons.  The Center has 11 peer support staff.
    8. Genesis- No report 
  5. Strategic Plan-
    1. Acute Care Crisis Team: Mobile crisis team started about two weeks ago.  It is available weekends, evening hours.  All calls must go through 911. Team members are invested in its success.  The crisis team may be able to take some pressure off the ER.
    2. Education- Will meet next week.  Will plan the Legislative Dinner, inviting candidates and incumbents.
    3. Admin Rules- No report.
    4. Community Employment- need new chair since Gregg is retiring.

Next Meeting August 5th, 2010.

Teresa Naughton, Secretary