Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
August 5, 2010

Attended:  Teresa Naughton, Ken Hays, Kim Motl, Martha Miller, Mary Augustus, Diana Johnson, Jim Burr, Richard Scisco, Brian Schmidt  

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. Minutes – Where it said in the CPC Report point “a,” some people are “committee,” it should say “committed” instead.  Minutes were approved with this correction.
  3. CPC Report & Case Management Report
    1. A new fiscal year started July 1.  At the end of year, 80.96% of budget was spent. Irene reminded that these figures are reported on a cash basis, not accrual.  The non-Federal share of Medicaid went down, helping to create a healthy fund balance.
    2. Data information system is new and is being used for bills.  At the end of June, all bills were caught up.  WCCS is a little behind now due to billing system.
    3. Intellectual Disabilities Waiver- Iowa must now have statewide slot usage, instead of slots controlled by counties.  Slot allocation will remain status quo until 1-1-11, then it will convert to a statewide wait list.  There will be a statewide standard assessment, so slots are used based on need.  Case Managers will do the assessments and IME will score.  Those who are considered to have the greatest needs, according to the assessment, will be served first. 
    4. The County Management Plan used by Hamilton, Calhoun, Pocahontas, Wright, Kossuth, Humboldt and Webster counties was approved.  It is now on the website.
    5. Irene reported Webster County qualified for some state funding and will get around $2,000.
    6. The senate voted to extend FMAP and additional funding for teachers.  Will continue to have decreased FMAP through this fiscal year.  Unknown what the “lower FMAP” will be. 
    7. Irene expressed concern about what the legislature will do for state funding for FY12.  That could be a really tough year.
    8. Estimated savings from stimulus money: How much did stimulus money help Webster County? $373,496 in dollars were saved just for Medicaid, and for FY10 it may be $600,000.  If stimulus money goes away, Webster County will be responsible for paying this non-Federal share again.
    9. Community Services Network (CSN) is the new management information system.  For Irene it’s going better.  Pam is now experiencing anxiety.  If payments are late, that’s why.  Processes are more convoluted, and IT people for the CSN say they’re making changes.
    10. A Family Support Group, for families with people with mental illness, is continuing 8/19/10.  John Daniel will present on meds.
    11. The Tuesday 4:30 Dual Diagnosis recovery group is growing.
    12. Co-Occurring Disorders group continues to meet.  By August 25, every agency will have done the tool and will present what they learned.  It is not uncommon for scores to be lower when the tool is used a second time
    13. Mike Terwilliger was replaced by Mary Wilson. 
  4. Provider Reports
    1. FDCSD- No Report.
    2. IVRS- They have a waiting list, but took 100 off the “Most Severely Disabled” (MSD) list.  The waiting lists are being “conservatively managed.” IVRS is also very concerned with FY 12’.  Mary’s office is hiring two people, a secretary and a Rehab Associate.  There are many applicants.  They are busy with college tuition.  IVRS is reducing tuition assistance; they paid 50%, now are paying 40%of the least expensive community college.  The goal is to help as many as possible, but maybe not as much.  There is now a new competitive bid process, for providers to create their rates. 
    3. IWD- Will determine in September if Navigator will be replaced.
    4. LifeWorks- Starting new HCBS home.  Had 4 individuals, down to 3 and working on 4th referral.  There were lots of interviews on 8/4/10.  Compass EZ not so “EZ”!  HCBS veteran staff said it took 2-1/2 hours to complete, another employee called it the driver’s test that wouldn’t end.  In vocational services, the ICCC work crew ended July 14th.  There are no current job seekers in Supported Employment.  Teresa is concerned about Supported Employment, which lost considerable money.  In the Workshop, 58 people received paychecks.  Of them, 47% worked an average of 10 hours per week or less and 38% worked 10-20 hrs. per week.
    5. NWL- No report
    6. Berryhill- Dr. Bernhagen rescinded his resignation.  They added an ARNP, Marilyn Paplow.  The center is working on Telehealth.  Holly McClintock was added to the staff, but she just had a baby.  None of prescribers are seeing kids.  The Mobile Crisis Team hasn’t been busy; the first call was successful, but the second did not turn out so well since it was a day call and the service is only available after hours.  There is $60,000 of work needed on building.  Jim will be gone a week or two.
    7. Friendship Center- Fifty people on average attend per day.  The center is open a lot of hours, about 108 hours per week.  Twenty-two people went to the Grotto at West Bend and had tour.  One peer support had to leave employment due to medical reasons and another is out as well.  In the winter the center will cut down hours open due to lower usage.
    8. Genesis Mental Health Associates- All about the same.
    9. MH Advocate- Numbers stay about the same. 
    10. Action Program- Thirty-nine are served currently, two will soon be discharged.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Crisis- The next meeting is next Friday at 9:30.  They met as a group to figure out  how we can work together.  They developed a form with Daphne at the hospital to help with tracking.
    2. Education- They will meet tomorrow.  The Legislative Dinner will be in October.  They need to schedule candidates and incumbents.  The dinner will not be held at Webster County Community Services.  They are talking about having another workshop for families about guardianship.
    3. Admin Rules- Some paperwork as been reduced; non-required quarterly reports are no longer being done by LifeWorks for Case Management.
    4. Community Employment- Gregg retired and the committee needs a new chair.

Next Meeting Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Teresa Naughton, Secretary