Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
September 2, 2010

Present: Jim Burr, Deb Delp, Brian Schmidt, Richard Scisco, Mary Augustus, Linda Smith, Ken Hays, Martha Miller, Kim Motl, Diana Johnson, Teresa Naughton 

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. Minutes were approved as written.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report:
    1. The statistical report was not available.  There has been a change to the information management system, and it is challenging to work with it.  Statistics are not correct in it.
    2. FMAP was extended, so this will help FY11.  FY12 will be a problem.
    3. Commitments: In August there were lots of substance abuse commitments.  Irene believes the Mobile Crisis Team has had an impact. 
    4. Darcy resigned and is working for Shelter Care.  There is no plan to replace her, rather to reassign her duties.
    5. LEC will be remodeled, so people need a new temporary office.  Irene has offered the use of some space in their building.  They may or may not take up Irene’s offer.
    6. Case Management: They have been busy.  CDAC providers were told their 2.5% cut would be restored and to contact their case manager, but case managers were not told.
    7. Friendship Center: The number of individuals served is up.
    8. Webster County now has a contract with Spencer Hospital.  A contract with Mercy Hospital in Mason City is pending; they are working on a rate.
    9. Some people seem to be remaining in institutions.  Two have been in an institution for one year, psychiatrists are afraid to try them in the community.  Irene and families are frustrated.
    10. ID Waiver: The Statewide waiting list is to be in place January 1, 2011.  They need administrative rules, and training.
    11. Money Follows the Person: This program was supposed to expire, but right now is set to go through 2016.
    12. There is now centralized reporting for Child Abuse.  Irene passed out information.  She also gave information on DHS role in disaster recovery.
  4. Provider Reports:
    1. Fort Dodge Community Schools: No report.
    2. Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation: FY ends September 30.  Placement rate has improved.  They are working on interviews for Rehab Associate and a Secretary.  People on their Most Significantly Disabled list are coming off, conservatively.  There is a new system to contract with providers.
    3. LifeWorks: Currently having a Chapter 24 survey, which is scheduled to end today.  Working with a local company to replace work that will be lost when Electrolux moves to Mexico.  IVRS is requiring competitive bidding and new contracts; LifeWorks has submitted its bid.  There are no job seekers currently.  We have interest in opening a new home, but need another referral before we can open it.
    4. Northwoods: There are dollars available for homeless prevention, and Northwoods is overwhelmed with applicants.  Many are people who are behind in their bills, not necessarily in shelters or with eviction notices.  To be eligible for help they must have an eviction notice or are homeless.  There were nine applicants in one day.  They are looking for a location to purchase or lease for a second-hand store.  Northwoods/OV is trying to save $600,000.
    5. Berryhill Center: There has been a concern with suicide.  During four years, the usual suicide rate/year is 4.5.  Last year there were six, and this year there are six right now with part of the year remaining.  Five this year are undetermined.  Statistics show suicide prevention work doesn’t significantly decrease suicide rates.  Jim is now the Clinical Director as opposed to the Executive Director.  He now supervises therapists, does PR, and is on the management team.  Deb Albrecht is the Interim Director.  Jim plans to say two years.
    6. Friendship Center: The numbers are up.  18-19 people went to Okoboji and took a tour.  Clay County Fair is planned for September 18th, and 30 people signed up to go.  One Peer Support person has returned.  One staff member is going through chemotherapy and plans to return October 6.
    7. Genesis: Experiencing the usual fall influx, but it started early.  Very busy.
    8. Action Program: The census is at 35.  One moved out-of-state, one out of the area.  One chose different services, one needed a higher level of care.  They had a good fidelity review, earning 4.62 out of 5.0.  Magellan will be coming soon.  They are changing the coding for Magellan for time spent with consumers; need it in 15 minute units.  Janssen Pharmaceutical Company approached Deb, saying they are willing to do some education.  Flyers are pending. 
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Acute Care/Crisis: The Mobile Crisis Unit has three staff and started in June.  Calls started in August.  They had four calls they went out on; of those four, three were kept from hospitalization.  The Mobile Crisis Team members are considering riding along with the Sheriff’s department, and the department is receptive.  Is there a need for a crisis bed or crisis apartment?  A form has been developed to document follow-up after the team is involved, to gather data.
    2. Education and Training: The Legislative Dinner is scheduled for October 14 at First Presbyterian Church.  Invitations are going out two weeks ahead.  Candidates and incumbents are invited.  Catering is arranged.  An idea was to have someone speak about their agency, ask a person served (or a family member) to say how the agency helped.  Another idea was to send five standard questions so candidates and incumbents can educate themselves as needed.
    3. Rules: Will find five questions to ask candidates.  Since rules are by the State, the ability to affect rules-making is limited.  It might be best to replace this goal with co-occurring disorder issues.  Irene will bring a goal idea.
    4. Community Employment: We need to look at this goal.  The group is not meeting, and there are very few jobs out there.  Should we stop this goal?

Next meeting: October 7, 2010.

Teresa Naughton, Secretary