Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
October 7, 2010

Present: Lis Ristau, Mary Augustus, Linda Smith, Deb Delp, Brian Schmidt, Beth Stuhr, Ken Hays, Kim Motl, Jim Burr, Martha Miller, Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. Minutes were approved as written.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report
    1. End-of-month financials were not available.  Irene predicts the fund balance will be low at the end of the year.  Webster County will receive zero Growth dollars because FY08’s fund balance was just below 25%.  Property Tax Relief was cut by the State 10%.  FMAP will continue, at a decreased level, after December 31. 
    2. Commitments: High in September, for unknown reasons.  This was the highest number within the last two years.
    3. Pam Hickey is very busy, especially now that Darci is gone.  Pam has processed lots of new files.
    4. Friendship Center: Has been very busy. 
    5. Case Management: There is now a “Prior Authorization Review” for identified HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) Waiver Services.  Yesterday, notice was received.  It is effective October 1.  If what a person has approved is over the “median”, then Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) must also approve.  There is a great deal of paperwork required for this process, and “median” in some cases means “all.”  Just to get someone onto case management takes two months!
    6. Legislative Dinner: Scheduled for October 14.  Candidates and incumbents are invited.  RSVP’s are due tomorrow.  Doors open at 5:45pm, dinner starts at 6:00pm, program at 6:30pm, and events end at 8:30pm. 
  4. Provider Reports:
    1. Fort Dodge Community School District: CARES program had two children, now has seven.  Students have school for half of the day and remedial services the other half.  There is a struggle now, for job opportunities for students who have graduated.  Two go to the Friendship Center, but are unemployed.  They have mental health issues and return to the school often.  The schools hired an “Attendance Facilitator” at the High School, who is responsible for checking up on truant students and setting up services as needed.
    2. Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation: Their placement rate is good, achieved 5th place out of 14 regions.  One counselor was #1!  The Disability Navigator grant was denied for IVRS.
    3. LifeWorks: Will have a Home and Community Based Service audit.  HCBS requested almost 40 files to review for this audit.  It will be focused on the documentation for services provided in accordance with the Case Management Plan.  This is the time of the year for Cost Reports to be due, and all but one has been completed.  An extension was requested for the last.  LifeWorks is dealing with new billing processes, because date span billing is no longer allowed.  About 86% of the services LifeWorks provides are funded by Medicaid.
    4. Northwoods Living, a Service of Opportunity Village: The First Sunday in May of 2011, they will hold a Fundraising Walk.  Last year, Opportunity Village (OV) made $100,000.  For OV, the deficit is around 1.3 million.  Northwoods is seeing lots of very sad stories as they administer the Homeless Prevention Program.  Many have back bills, but don’t qualify for help through the program’s rules.  They are having to make decisions on where the dollars they have to give will have the most impact. 
    5. Berryhill Center: They wish to expand Telehealth, but are experiencing some barriers.  They will continue the Mobile Crisis Team another year through a grant.  Another person through the grant will do suicide prevention.  There is also another grant to promote and pay for people to train Mental Health First Aid in a seven county area.
    6. Friendship Center: About 50 people come each day.  Some come for ½ hour to 45 minutes, others stay longer.  A new peer support person is starting.  The center is open around 120 hours per week.  People are helping to clean, volunteer, etc.  They are busiest when they plan to have meals.  They have a morning, afternoon, and evening crowd. 
    7. Genesis: Nothing new to report.  One person who participated in the suicide walk is starting a support group.
    8. ACTION Program: Census is at 35.  They are hiring one FT nurse.  The program has sponsored some training.
  5. Report Progress on Strategic Plan Goals:
    1. Acute Care: They have a meeting October 22.  The Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) continues.  There were zero calls to go out in September.  They are working with the Emergency Room on what MCT’s capabilities are.  Jim suspects there are times they could have been called.  They are still getting calls Monday through Friday during business hours, which is when the MCT is not “open.”  There are three people hired for MCT, and they have full-time jobs.  They are looking to hire two others.
    2. Education: The Legislative Dinner is October 14.  They are also considering an event in the spring on guardianships.
    3. Co-Occurring Disorders:  Meeting October 27 at 9:30am.

Next Meeting is Thursday November 4, 2010.

Teresa Naughton, Secretary