Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
November 4, 2010

Attended:  Teresa Naughton, Ken Hays, Martha Miller, Mary Augustus, Jim Burr, Richard Scisco, Brian Schmidt  

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. Minutes – A correction was given, that the Disability Navigator grant was denied not for IVRS but rather Iowa Workforce Development.  Jim Burr made a motion to approve the minutes with the indicated correction, seconded by Linda Smith.  Motion carried unanimously.
  3. CPC Report & Case Management Report:
    1. Sept. expenditures were high at $491,004.  $450,000 is usual.  Oct. reports are unavailable. There were lots of commitments, September was a very busy month.  There has been an increase in Friendship Center membership.
    2. Irene is worried about funding.  Prior authorizations are now required for every person in Prevocational Training.  The State wants to deny people from this program.  Irene has made the decision that if people are eligible for Medicaid, they must receive a Medicaid service.  Alternatives to county-funded work services include Supported Employment, Day Activities, Work Crew, and Day Care.  This decision will impact all, including people scattered around the state.  .  This action will occur as funding authorizations expire.
    3. Irene reviewed the Budget. The total budget is $5,043,612.  Property Tax revenue is $2,146,797 (capped at 1996 level). Property Tax Relief: $1,275,867, minus state’s cut of 10% is $1,190,234.  County’s Medicaid Match is approximately 27% and ends December. 21st.  From January 1 to March 31 the County’s Medicaid match goes up to 30%, and from April 1- June 30 it will go up to 32% . In FY10 savings from the decreased Medicaid Match will be $638,707.
    4. Annual Report is due Dec 1st and must report on goals.  Irene will delete the vocational goal and replace it with a goal relating to co-occurring disorders.   
  4. Provider Reports
    1. Fort Dodge Community School District- No Report.
    2. IVRS- There are two new staff, and Mary is enjoying their fresh ideas.
    3. LifeWorks- Final draft of Olmstead plan is dated 10/7/10 and on website.  This is a period for public comment.  Feel free to comment @  Community Employment Services has been losing money.  LifeWorks lost over $13,000 for 12 people served July, August and September.  According to financial statements, last fiscal year the program lost $32,406.93 and the year before lost $14,637.29.  There are two job coaches in that department and their hours were cut from full to part time in October.  LifeWorks hired a person to work in the  Wahkonsa through a three-year grant.  She is an internal employee, so once her replacement is hired she will be able to start.  The State did a Chapter 24 SCL survey in September. LifeWorks achieved an overall score 94%.  HCBS Division of Fiscal Management did an audit of Hourly SCL and of Day Activities on Oct 5th and 6th.  We received preliminary report: of the 321 units, 19 were found to be deficient and not eligible for payment. This results in a unit error rate of 5.92%.  LifeWorks does not plan to appeal.  County funding is ceasing effective Nov. 1st for individuals who are Medicaid eligible but otherwise county funded.  This primarily effects people in the workshop.  While most are Medicaid eligible, around 15 individuals served may not qualify under pre-voc training.  A few of these individuals may want and be able to access Day Activities.  Work Crew may be an alternate service for some.  Opportunities for this are currently limited.  LifeWorks’ Charitable Foundation will have a Ribbon Cutting Tuesday, November 16th at 4pm.  Be on the lookout for LifeWorks’ Annual Report.
    4. Northwoods Living- All positions (109) full as of yesterday!  The first Iowa Finance Authority survey for Town Square Apartments took place and had no deficiencies.  Northwoods is working to have a retail store up soon.  They plan to sell donated items and items they’ll produce.  It will be run by volunteers.  They need about 8,000 square feet for retail and need a drive-in space.  They’ve spent a lot of time on their environment. This year, had tiling done and are dealing with falling florescent bulbs.
    5. Action Program- no report.  Hired Pat Day for Aktion program, per Jim.
    6. Berryhill- TeleHealth should be up next month.  Things are being added to evaluations that therapists must do.  Evaluations are turning into interrogations.  
    7. Friendship Center- Doing well.  They are planning their Thanksgiving dinner for Wednesday the 24th.  There are thirteen peer support currently, one on medical leave.  The center is open about 120 hours per week.
    8. Genesis- Nothing new.
  5. Strategic Plan-
    1. Acute Care/Crisis- Implemented mobile crisis team.  Checked with community Health Clinic, to see if they will they do blood screening for hospital.  They can’t.  There will be a crisis apartment, and will get the key November 1.  If you have any furniture like tables, chairs, sofa, recliner, bed, TV, please consider donating.  Jim thinks he can hook the apt. up.  Smaller things can be obtained through helping hands.  Need sheets, towels.  The apartment is in a clay tile building, just over the river.  Deb Delp with mobile crisis unit will have the key.  Some folks without a place to go are showing up, and are also getting people who have been discharged from hospital.  People using the Crisis Bed are not people who need someone with them.
    2. Educucation and Training- Meets tomorrow to recap the Legislative Dinner.  Looking at education event after 1st of the year.
    3. Co-Occurring- Met last week.  Irene and Ken went to Dr. Minkhoff training in December.  Want a tour of CFR, to see inpatient and outpatient services.  Family Support group meets Thursday November 11th @ 4:30.  Twelve came last time.  Dec. 1- One  bedroom apt. available.
    4. Community Employment- Gregg retired, need new chair.

Next Meeting Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Teresa Naughton, Secretary