Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
December 2, 2010

Attended:  Ken Hays, Irene Blair, Linda Smith, Diana Johnson, Martha Miller, Mary Augustus, Deb Delp, Richard Scisco, Brian Schmidt, Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome was given.
  2. Minutes approved with these corrections:
    Linda Smith should have been listed among those present.
    Meeting attended in Oct, not December, on strategic planning.
    Community Employment goal will be discontinued.
  3. CPC Report & Case Management Report
    1. Irene reviewed the statistical report.  She added additional info: Webster County savings in 2009, from ARRA equaled about $387,000.  Fund balance is at 24.67%.  Projected for FY10, ARRA will save $677,837 for Webster County.
    2. Commitments are running higher this year than last.
    3. The Friendship Center has 121 members.  Some come every day, some once a month, some 10 times a month, some at night.
    4. Universal Healthcare will impact 2014.  Mental Health services will be covered by then.  Forty-three million people will be covered by 2014.  Thirty-two million are adults.  The healthcare bill doesn’t take unemployed people into account.  In 2014, looks like there will be no mental health funding.  Counties may do wrap around services.  There will be MR/DD services, most are Medicaid funded.
    5. Pam Crouch does all billing, and is frustrated with case management billing.
    6. Case management approval takes too long and it’s frustrating.  When people apply for care management they need the services right away.  Takes around three to five months to get approved for case management services.
  4. Annual Report
    1. Community Services Network is the new information management system.  There are some good things with the system, but is also very frustrating.  Annual Report is due Dec. 1st.  Counties using CSN all had huge issues.  Webster County asked for an extension to Dec. 15th.  Pam has some data.  Last year 656 people were served, which is a little down from the previous year. 
  5. Provider Reports-
    1. FDCSD- No report.
    2. IVRS- People are coming off waiting list.  People are coming off monthly from the Most Significantly Disabled (MSD) waiting list.  They continue to do well with placement, for Mary’s area of Iowa. 
    3. LifeWorks- SCL now has an on-call cell phone for SCL.  Starting mid-December, due to grant funding, a position will be filled at the Wahkonsa.  The person will help underserved individuals to get various helps available. 
    4. Northwoods- There is an opening at Parkview, their HCBS site.  They moved Day Hab administration to community support from the ICF.  Submitted homeless grant for calendar year 2011.  They have homeless dollars that need to be spent by the end of the year, for individuals who meet the eligibility requirement.  They have two new community support staff.
    5. Berryhill- Telehealth in Pocahontas will start in January, at the hospital.   On Thursdays, Dr. Bernhagen is scheduled to do a full day of Telehealth.  He isn’t booked.  The schedule will change, to lengthen office hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
    6. Friendship Center- Doing ok, membership is growing.  Had Thanksgiving meal, lots of food.  Planning Christmas party on Dec. 22nd.  On Dec. 10th will take Dart bus to see Christmas lights around town.  Looking at increasing hours from 6am- midnight.  Have 13 peer support staff members.  Linda asked if they want books- Yes.  Also have a Wii.
    7. Genesis- No changes, they remain busy.  This is a hard time of year to schedule.
    8. Aktion Program- 15th will be client Christmas party with $10 gift certificate to Fareway.  Pat Day was hired, who has lots of experience and knew several served.  The program has several referrals.  The current census is 35.  A question was asked about how long the approval process takes.  Approval can be quick (1 week or so) if all information is present and funding approved.  Standards state no more than three admissions per month.  Need is taken into consideration. 
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Mobile Crisis Unit- Been pretty quiet.  Deb wants to call police chief.  Last call was at 8am, outside of usual Mobile Crisis Unit hours, but they responded to the call anyway.  A hospitalization was avoided.  No one knows why is it so quiet.  Last month there were nine emergency commitments, so it’s puzzling why there are few calls.  The crisis apartment is up and running, and had someone there last week.  There is no TV or cable in the apartment.  They have a VCR, but it doesn’t work.  Thanks to Jim Burr, there is some furniture.  A microwave is needed.  Deb Delp and Daphne at ER have keys.  The 40-bed homeless shelter is not open yet, has wait list of 45. 
    2. Education- Will meet tomorrow to plan Spring legislative forum around an Eggs & Issues forum.  Will review goals for the committee.  They may do a workshop.  There was good        response to legislative dinner.   
    3. Co-Occuring Disorders- Meeting next Wednesday.  They got a video from Dr. Minkoff, will show it at the next meeting.  There is a Co-Occuring support group, Tuesday afternoons. Family support group meets next Thursday.  They wanted a legislator to attend, Jim Burr attended, spoke, and did a nice job.  The group may ask providers to come and share info.  There is also a dual diagnosis group meeting at the Berryhill Center.  It has consistent attendance.

Next Meeting Thursday, January 6th, 2010

Respectfully Submitted,
Teresa Naughton, Secretary