Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Disabilities Alliance
Planning Meeting
January 6, 2011

Present:  Clark Fletcher, Ken Hays, Jim Burr, Linda Smith, Beth Stuhr, Mary Augustus, Richard Scisco, Brian Schmidt, Teresa Naughton

  1. Welcome was given, and introductions were made.  Clark Fletcher will be attending these meetings, and a special welcome was given to Clark.
  2. Minutes were approved.
  3. CPC/Case Management Report:
    1. Statistics were reviewed.  FMAP will decrease effective January 1.  Because the formula for determining FMAP depends on unemployment figures, the actual rate will not be calculated until March.  The State will hold January and February billings until March, and send a huge bill at that time.
    2. Case Manager: There is a position open in Case Management, and work is being done to fill it.  Because one Case Manager will be going on maternity leave soon, the hope is to hire someone by the end of January.
    3. Joyce Hay, Webster County’s current Mental Health Advocate, resigned.  The Mental Health Advocate is officially a State employee, although the County pays the bill.  There is a requirement to have a Mental Health Advocate, but the need for one is not what it once was.
    4. Healthcare Reform:  One criteria for Medicaid eligibility is that the person must be at 150% of the Federal Poverty Level.  This will decrease to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level.  Resource limits are currently at $2,000 for individuals and $3,000 for families.  When asked what will the resource limit be, the answer ws “There are no resource limits.”  Because more people will be eligible for Medicaid, there will be less demand on the county for mental health services.  The County will continue to provide support services.
    5. House Study Bill 1: This is a bill to study cost savings.  In the bill, there is language relating to MH/DD Services.  The State is looking to fund MH/DD services with state dollars rather than county dollars.  If the State pays, then the State will be in control.  A suggestion is to put Allowable Growth dollars completely into the Risk Pool.  Craig Wood, Linn Co. CPC, has stated this won’t work.  A question was asked, how will this issue be “studied.”  It will be studied by the committee.  It may end up becoming a bill, or may be thrown into the large appropriations bill at the end of the legislative session.
  4. Jeanne Nesbit’s Visit:  Irene requested that Jeanne Nesbit come to visit Webster County.  Jeanne is the current head of the Mental Health/Disability Services Division for DHS.  It is believed she will retain that position under Branstad.  Jeanne will come Wednesday January 19th from 8am to noon.  The following schedule was proposed:
    1. Berryhill Center, 8:00-8:45
    2. LifeWorks, 9:00 to 9:45
    3. Town Square Apartments, 10:00-10:30
    4. Friendship Center, 10:45-11:15
    5. Meeting room at WCCS, from 11:15-noon

    Families/parents would be invited to each site.  The intention is to show how people are served, collaboratively, within the current system.

  1. Annual Report: Irene shared the draft Annual Report for FY10 and touched on highlights.  It will be finalized and put onto the Webster County website.
  2. Provider Reports:
    1. Fort Dodge Public Schools: No report
    2. IVRS:  Mary Augustus gave a summary of what IVRS does, who it serves, how it is funded.  Of the 13 IVRS offices in the state, Mary’s office ranked 5th!
    3. LifeWorks:  Community Employment Services was a service offered to support individuals on the job, and ended January 1, 2011 due to financial losses.  We have a new work crew, so there is a total of four work crews now.  Pre-Vocational Training is a service that now requires preauthorization from Iowa Medicaid Enterprise.  We anticipated more denials than what we are actually seeing.  Denials experienced by providers shows the trend is for denials to be for lack of progress, not time spent in Pre-Voc.
    4. Northwoods Living: Linda reviewed the services provided by Northwoods, a Service of Opportunity Village.  She also reviewed the retail store’s status.
    5. Berryhill Center: They are expanding into Franklin County.  They will have a “meet and greet” using the Telehealth system in Kossuth County today.  There will be others in Humboldt and Pocahontas.  Telehealth will be done by Dr. Bernhagen, who lives in Pella.  A downside to Telehealth is that there must be a psychiatric nurse on-site, and not all funders pay for that.
    6. Friendship Center: Brian Schmidt reported on what the Friendship Center does.  He reported on recent events, as well.  They had a Christmas party with nearly 50 in attendance.  They also had a New Year’s Eve party, and the center was open until 1am that day.
    7. Genesis: No report
    8. ACTION Program: It is now on the State Menu of Services.  The State has now developed standards, which state they require master’s-prepared employees in certain positions.  This would adversely impact the ACTION Program.  The current program census is 36.
  3. Committee Reports:  Highlights for committee reports were addressed by the Annual Report.

Next meeting: February 3, 2011 at 7:30am.
Respectfully Submitted,
Teresa Naughton, Secretary