Meeting Minutes
Webster County
MH/DD Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Webster County Community Services
Planning Committee Meeting
May 5, 2011

Present:  Clark Fletcher, Irene Blair, Ken Hayes, Jim Burr, Linda Smith, Richard Scisco, Brian Schmidt, Mary Augustus, Diana Johnson

  1. Diana welcomed all to the meeting.
  2. Since there were no corrections offered to the March 10, 2011 minutes, they were approved as written and placed on file.
  3. CPC and Case Management Report
    1. Budget and statistical report was shared.  Since DHS held all Medicaid bills until rates were determined, the expenditure report does not include all the county owes for Medicaid match;
    2. Commitments – there were a lot of commitments, many of which were for new people coming into the system;
    3.    Case Management – Might have to hire another case manager, as caseloads are over 40 and the supervisor is currently carrying a case load;
    4. Legislation & System Reform -- Don’t know what will be passed this year, but some items will probably be passed with the budget bill.  Effective 7-1-13, a bill that repeals all mention of CPC language in the Iowa Code has been passed.  However, Chapters 222, 229, 230 & 249A have not been repealed.  There will be several interim committees working on a variety of topics for report to the legislature before the next session.  State is proposing to keep funding previously provided to counties plus some new state money in order to afford to support the system.  Members of the senate are starting to understand what would happen to system if the current reform bills are passed – long waiting lists for services, mass confusion, etc. The regional concept for services, supports and case management is still alive as a possible plan. 
    5. Health Care Reform – 2014 changes due to the federal health care reform initiative will have major impact on the system in Iowa.  Insurance will be paying all services and supports currently paid by Medicaid.  Extended support may be about all that is not covered by insurance;
  4. Provider reports
    1. IVRS – questions about budget and programs in the future.
    2. Opportunity Village/Northwoods Living – agency working on strategic planning and the co-location of vocational services with LifeWorks.  In the ICF/MR program, two houses had citation free surveys and the third house only has a couple of minor areas for attention.  Agency will continue to raise funds through events in order to supplement government funding. 
    3. Mental Health Center & ACTION Program – MHC has withdrawn intent to apply for Medical Home status.  Mobile Crisis program not being used much.  ACTION program has Mental Health First Aid training coming up. 
    4. Friendship Center – Is now open from 6 a.m. to midnight.  Average attendance is over 40 individuals per day.  There is a need to hire 1 – 2 more peer support staff.
  5. Progress on Strategic Plan Goals
    1. Acute care/crisis – Mobil Crisis program not getting many calls. 
    2. Education functioning as usual.
    3. Co-occurring Disorders Committee – no report
  6. Next meeting date is  Thursday, July 7, 2011 at the same time and place.


Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Smith, Acting Secretary