John F. Kennedy Memorial Park

Q & A for Cabin Rental


John F. Kennedy Memorial Park

Located 5 miles north of Fort Dodge
on County Road P56

Phone: 515-576-4258


Questions and Answers for Camping Cabin Rental

What is the cabin rental rate?
The cabin rental rate is $50.00 per night + 5% tax on total.
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Do you take reservations for the cabin?
Yes. They may be made by phone (no voice mail) or email on the first business day in January.
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Do you take credit cards?
No. Payment can be made by check or cash. Payment must be made prior to the date it is due.
Please send payment to:
     Webster County Conservation
     1415 Nelson Ave
     Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501
You may contact us by email or phone (515) 576-4258.

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What time is check in and check-out?
Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. Check-out time is 12:00 noon.
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How do we get a key?
The key is located in the key box on the cabin. Information for accessing the key will be sent to you about a week before your reservation date. Lost or stolen keys will result in a $50.00 replacement charge. Click here to view key box instructions. Key Box Instructions
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How long can we stay in the cabin?
The maximum length of stay is 14 consecutive days. It has to be 14 days out of any 21 day period.
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How much space is in the cabin?
The cabin interior dimensions are 12 ft X 18 ft.
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What furniture does it have?
There are bunk beds for sleeping—one full bed over a twin bed. There is one futon and a small dining table with 2 chairs.
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Are sheets and blankets provided?
No. Mattresses have waterproof covers but you must bring your own bedding, including pillows.
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We like to sit on the porch. Can we take furniture out of the cabin?
No. All furnishings must stay in the cabin. Don’t forget to bring lawn chairs.
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Can we have beer and liquor in the cabin?
No keg beer or hard liquor is allowed, but you can have beer in cans.
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Can we smoke in the cabin?
Like other buildings owned by the county, the cabin is a smoke free area.
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How many people can stay in the cabin?
Maximum Occupancy of 6 people.
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Is it heated and air conditioned?
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How many vehicles can we park at the cabin?
Two vehicles are allowed per site. Additional vehicles will need to use visitor parking areas.
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Can our pets stay in the cabin with us?
No- Pets are not allowed.
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Can we cook and take showers in the cabin?
There is no running water in the cabin— you must use the campground facilities to take showers and use restrooms. There is a hydrant outside the cabin.

There is a small dormitory style refrigerator and a microwave. There are electrical outlets to plug in things like a coffee pot. A grill and fire pit area are also provided. You must provide all eating and drinking utensils.

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Rules and Regulations.
A complete copy of park regulations is available from the park rangers.
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