John F. Kennedy Memorial Park

Q & A for Campers


John F. Kennedy Memorial Park

Located 5 miles north of Fort Dodge
on County Road P56

Phone: 515-576-4258


Questions and Answers for Campers

What are the campground fees?

Rates for 2017 Season

 1-29   Sewer, water and electricity
           (30 and 50 Amps)

$22.00 per night

30-79   Electricity only (30 amp)

$18.00 per night

80-100 Campsite only

$15.00 per night

White Oak Camping Cabin $50.00 per night + 5% tax on total
Firewood $5.00 for 15 logs





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Can we reserve a campsite?
No. All campsites are first come, first served. If you want to come for the weekend and want to be sure you have a site, a friend or relative can park a vehicle or put a tent on the site (lawn chairs won't do) for you until you come, but the site must still be registered and paid for within 30 minutes after they park the vehicle or put up the tent.
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Can we put more than one camping unit on a site?
Yes, but only if those persons occupying the second tent are under 18 years of age and are part of your immediate family.
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What are the local T.V. Stations?
       5     ABC
       8     CBS
     11     Iowa Public Television
     13     NBC
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How many people can we have in our camper?
Not more than 6 persons may occupy any one campsite.
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I will be working at a construction site for two months and want to stay in the campground for that time.  Can I do that?
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, no camping unit or party may occupy any camp area for more that 14 days out of any 21 day period.  There are no exceptions.  The campground is closed during the winter months.
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I am under age 18.  Can I have my own campsite?
You must be 18 or over to camp without parents or guardian unless your parents or guardian make arrangements with the park ranger.
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Where can we park our vehicles?
You can have only two vehicles per campsite and you and your guests must park on your own campsite.
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We have to leave sooner than we planned.  Can we get a refund?
No refunds are issued.
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Where can we build a fire?
Build fires only in grills or fire rings that are provided.  Firewood is available at designated times.  If you leave, be certain that the fire is out unless it is immediately used by someone else.
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Do you sell firewood?
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Can I let my pet run loose?
NO!  Tie up your pets for their own safety as well as that of the people in the park.  Cats and dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length when they are anywhere in the park.  Do not leave your pet unattended at your campsite.  No pets are allowed in the playground or amphitheater areas at any time.  Please be considerate and clean up after your pet.
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Are there any places to ride bikes in the park?
There are no bike trails but you may ride on park roads.  Bicycles operated after sunset must have lights and reflectors.
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What about beer?
You can have beer in cans (no kegs or anything larger than a quart.)  Underage drinkers will be arrested an adults who become drunk and disorderly may be arrested.  They will be asked to leave the park.  Between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. adults can have beer inside the camper or tent.
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What about cleaning up at our campsite?
Please put all garbage in the garbage cans provided.  No dishwashing is allowed at drinking fountains, hydrants, or in restrooms.  Taking hot water from the restrooms for those purposes or for any other personal purposes is also not allowed.  Please leave your campsite clean when you leave.
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What time does the park close?
The park is closed between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. except for registered campers.  Visitors must leave at 10:30 p.m.  Gates are not locked, but you may be stopped by a park ranger to verify that you are a registered camper if you return after 10:30 p.m.
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We want to stay up all night.  Can we do that?
You can stay up all night but quiet time is between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
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What about renting the camping cabin?
View our camping cabin page for more information on renting the camping cabin.
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FINALLY‑The park Director and the rangers have the authority to refuse camping privileges to anyone who fails to observe park rules and regulations. A complete copy of park regulations is available from the park rangers or you may view a pdf document by clicking here.
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