Webster County



Engineer Permits/Policies
The following permits are available from Webster County.  Click on the appropriate link below to obtain instructions for these permits and download the permit forms.
Dust Control Policies Webster County has a dust control program available to rural residents.
Entrance Permit Application Webster County requires permits be issued for the construction of all new driveways and field entrances constructed within the right-of-way controlled by the county.
Oversize/Overweight Permit Permit
Subdrain Crossing Permit Permit
Utility Permit Applications Permits for telecommunications, electric, gas, water, and sewage utilities.
Work in ROW Permit Permit


Building Permits/Policies
Permits are required in the unincorporated portion of Webster County when:

a) building a new building/moving a building onto property
b) changing the shape of an existing building (addition)
c) planning to use the property differently from how it is being used

  Building/Zoning Permit Application
  Directions for completing Building/Zoning Permit Application



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