Regular Meeting

September 22, 2003


The Board of Supervisor met in Session on the above date with the following members present:  Magnusson, Peterson, Condon, Gill, and Nolting.  


Moved by Magnusson, seconded by Condon to approve the following as the Official Canvass of Merged Area V, Iowa Central Community College, School Election held on September 9, 2003:


                Director District #3              Larry Hecht                           483

                                                                Scattering                                  7         

                Director District #6              Garland Hanson                   231

                                                                Scattering                                  5

                Director District #7              Mark R. Crimmins 509

                                                                Scattering                                21

Motion carried unanimously.


Moved by Condon, seconded by Gill to approve the following as the official canvass of the Lost Option Sales and Service Tax Special Election held on September 16, 2003:


Public Measure A (Unincorporated Area):                      Yes         205          No               407

Public Measure B (City of Fort Dodge):                           Yes         802          No             1934

Public Measure C (City of Badger):                                  Yes           26          No                 27

Public Measure D (City of Barnum):                                 Yes             9          No                   4

Public Measure E (City of Callender):                               Yes           33          No                 15

Public Measure F City of Clare):                                        Yes          13           No                 18

Public Measure G (City of Dayton):                                  Yes          57           No                 21

Public Measure H (City of Duncombe):                           Yes           40          No                   8

Public Measure I (City of Gowrie):                                    Yes           81          No                 45

Public Measure J (City of Harcourt):                                Yes           40          No                   6

Public Measure K (City of Lehigh):                                  Yes           34          No                 13

Public Measure L (City of Moorland):                              Yes           49          No                   7

Public Measure M (City of Otho):                                     Yes           11          No                 15

Public Measure N (City of Stratford):                               Yes             0          No                   2

Public Measure O (City of Vincent):                                 Yes             8          No                 17


Motion carried unanimously.


Moved by Gill, seconded by Nolting the meeting adjourned.  Motion carried unanimously.