Tuesday September 17, 2004 - 1:00p.m. Board of Supervisors' Room

Webster County Courthouse


The Board of Supervisor will meet in Session on the above date with the following members present: Peterson, Condon, Gill and Nolting. Absent:  Magnusson.


Moved by Gill, seconded by Nolting to approve the following as the Official Canvass of the Septmeber 14, 2004 School Elections:


Fort Dodge School District Board Members – Elect Two:

            Jeri R. Greene                            382

            Steve Schwendemann    417

            Scattering                      6


Manson Northwest Webster Director District At Large:

             Julie Hewitt                                87

            Scattering                      2

Manson Northwest Webster Director District #1:

            Denise Weiss                             99

            Scattering                      2

Manson Northwest Webster Director District #2:

            Larry Schreier                             85

            Scattering                      2


Prairie Valley Director District #3 Elect Two:

            Dean Gleason                           289

            Marshall Lamberg    282

            Mary Anne Wiley      92

            Scattering                      0


Southeast Webster Director District #1:

            Todd Lundgren                        120

            Scattering                      1

Southeast Webster Director District #3:

            Daniel L. Hansen      115

            Scattering                      1

Public Measure “B”

            Yes                                             102

            No                                                 28


Webster County – Merged Area V Community College

Director District #1              Darrell Determann                                32           Scattering              0

Director District #5              Deborah A. Plahn                                91           Scattering              1

Director District #9              Douglas McDermott                            171          Scattering              7

Public Measure “A”            Yes                                                         527          No                   396

Motion carried unanimously.


Moved by Nolting, seconded by Peterson meeting adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.