Friday October 8, 2004 – 1:00p.m. Board of Supervisors' Room

Webster County Courthouse


The Board of Supervisor will meet in Session on the above date with the following members present: Magnusson, Peterson, Condon, Gill and Nolting.


Moved by Gill, seconded by Nolting to approve the following as the Official Canvass vote of Southeast Webster Community School District Special Election held on October 5, 2004:                        For Public Measure “A”  


"Shall the Southeast Webster Community School district and the Grand Community School District,

located in Webster, Boone and Greene Counties, State of Iowa, be reorganized into a new school

district to be known as the Southeast Webster-Grand Community School District, pursuant to the

provisions of Iowa Code, Chapter 275, to become effective July 1, 2005, to include the territory of

the current districts as legally described in the Order of the Board of Directors of the Prairie Lakes

Area Education Agency (8) and the Heartland Area Education Agency (11) published in the Ogden

Reporter on August 11, 2004, the Fort Dodge Messenger on August 12, 2004, the Dayton Review

on August 11, 2004, and the Boone News Republican on August 12, 2004, and providing for an

initial board of seven directors appointed from the existing school boards pursuant to Section 275.41,

Code of Iowa, with five initial directors appointed from the Southeast Webster Community School

District Board of Directors and two initial directors appointed from the Grand Community School

District Board of Directors, and a regular board of seven directors who are residents of three



                Yes                         280                         

                No                             10

Motion carried unanimously.


Moved by Nolting, seconded by Peterson the meeting adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.