Regular Meeting

September 16, 2005


The Board of Supervisor met in Session on the above date with the following members present: Magnusson, Gill, Nolting, Condon and Lizer.


Moved by Nolting, seconded by Gill to approve the following as the official canvass of the September 13, 2005 School Elections:


Fort Dodge School Board Member Ernest Kersten 1,112 votes

Jerry L. Schnurr, III 1,157 votes

Scattering 34 votes


Manson-Northwest Webster

Director At Large Don Fitgerald 161 votes declared elected

Scattering 10 votes

Director Dist. #1 Duane Paterson 173 votes declared elected

Scattering 3 votes

Director Dist. #2 Joseph Hood 86 votes

Zuella Swartzendruber 105 votes declared elected


Prairie Valley Director Dist.#1 Ron Walrod 62 votes declared elected

Scattering 21 votes

Director Dist.#2 Elect Two

Deb Doyen 96 votes declared elected

Lynnette Heatherington 108 votes declared elected

Scattering 4 votes


Southeast Webster/Grand

Des Moines Area Community College Board Member

Wayne E. Rouse 26 votes

Scattering 0 votes

Public Measure B

Yes 108 votes

No 4 votes adopted


Motion carried unanimously.


No further business before the board, the meeting adjourned.