Regular Meeting

February 27, 2007


The Board of Supervisor met in Session on the above date with the following members present: Motl, Condon, Dencklau, Nolting and Lizer.


Moved by Lizer, seconded by Condon to approve minutes of February 20, 2007 regular meeting and February 26, 2007 special meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.


Tony Walter, Webster County Deputy Sheriff demonstrated the canine unit.


Moved by Condon, seconded by Dencklau to adopt the following Resolution: 



Resolution In Favor of the Proposed Amendment to the Electronic Transactions Clearinghouse 28E Agreement


WHEREAS, Section 10 of the Electronic Transactions Clearinghouse 28E Agreement provides for amendment of the 28E Agreement by resolution of the ISAC Board of Directors, if the amendment is then submitted to a vote of the individual ETC  member counties; and


WHEREAS, the ISAC Board of Directors approved such an Amendment on January 26, 2007; and


WHEREAS, the amendment would change the ETC funding formula to make it based on an annual base fee of $1,000 per county plus an assessment to cover remaining budget costs, and change it so that the assessment is based upon the counties’ general basic fund expenditures, rather than all general fund expenditures;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Webster County Board of Supervisors that the Board hereby votes in favor of the Proposed Amendment to the ETC 28E Agreement.



s/Greg Nolting

Chair Board of Supervisors



s/Carol Messerly

County Auditor


Motion carried unanimously.


Moved by Dencklau, seconded by Motl to approve and authorize Chair to sign FY08 Crime Victim Assistance Division Grant Application.  (Copy on file in Auditor’s office).  Motion carried unanimously.


Jim Cooper, representing Prairie River Resource Conservation & Development discussed the benefit the organization.


At 10:30a.m. bids for bridge replacement Project L-780408-73-94 between Sections 4 and 5, Burnside Township and Project L-971260-73-94 between Sections 1 and 12, Colfax Township, the following bids were opened: 



2/27/2007  10:30 A.M.


                                                                         L-780408—73-94                                             L-971260—73-94

      Bidder                                                                              Bid Total                                                               Bid Total


L.A. Carlson Contracting                                                    $  83,196.50                                                            $  67,960.00

Midwest Contracting                                                          $  64,934.00                                                            $  57,852.00

Peterson Contractors Inc.                                                   $  71,065.00                                                            $  62,170.00

Weidemann Inc.                                                                   $  69,290.00                                                            $  61,374.00



Moved by Motl, seconded by Lizer to receive and place on file all bids and to authorize County Engineer to send form of contract to the low bidder on both projects, Midwest Contracting, upon engineer’s review of the calculations of said bids in the total amount of $122,786.00.  Motion carried unanimously.


Moved by Lizer, seconded by Condon the meeting adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.