Special Meeting

August 30, 2007


The Board of Supervisor met in Session on the above date with the following members present: Condon, Dencklau, Motl and Nolting. Absent: Lizer.


Moved by Condon, seconded by Lizer to authorize Chair to sign the following:



Notice of Termination of Farm Tenancy



TO: Iowa Central Community College Foundation, 330 Avenue M, Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Attn: Ray Bette, Director, Industrial Technology Department



You are herby notified that the farm tenancy of the following described real estate situated in Webster County, Iowa, to wit:

The Southwest Quarter (SW ) and the South Half of the Northwest Quarter (S NW and the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SW NE ) all in Section Three (3), Township Eighty-eight (88) North, Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the 5th P.M., except a parcel of land in the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter described as follows: Commencing at the South Corner of said Section Three, thence N 90 degrees 00 W 1200.04 along the South line of said Southwest Quarter to point of beginning, thence continuing North 90 degrees 00 West 102.16 along said south line, thence North 00 degrees 312` West 228.86, thence South 89 degrees 5351 East 101.05, thence South 00degree 4806 East 228.69 to point of beginning, containing 0.53 acre subject to easement of record. Note: The South line of the Southwest Quarter of Said Section 3 is assumed to bear N 90 degrees 0000W. And except a parcel of land in the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NE - SW ) of Section 3, Township Eighty-eight (88) North, Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa more particularly described as: commencing at the West Quarter Corner of said Section 3; thence South 90 degrees 0000 East 1.494.94 feet along the north line of said Southwest Quarter to the point of beginning; thence containing along said north line 620.00 fee; thence South 00 degrees 0000 East 765.00 feet; thence North 87 degrees 5130 West 620.45 feet; thence North 00 degrees 0000 West 741.80 feet to the point of the beginning containing 9.94 Acres exclusive of present established highway. Note: For purposes of this survey the north line of the Southwest Quarter is assumed to bear South 90 degrees 0000 East.


Will terminate and expire on the first day of September, 2007, and such tenancy will not continue after said date.


This notice is given to you in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 562 of the Code of Iowa.


If this notice is directed to a person in possession of the real estate, you are further notified that the undersigned

demands that you vacate, surrender and deliver possession of said real estate on said date.


You will therefore take notice and conduct yourselves accordingly.

S/Greg Nolting


Webster County Board of Supervisors

701 Central Avenue

Fort Dodge, IA 50501


Motion carried unanimously.


Moved by Dencklau, seconded by Motl the meeting adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.