Board of Supervisors

Webster County Board of Supervisors
Fort Dodge, IA 50501


Regular Meeting
February 5, 2008

The Board of Supervisor will meet in Session on the above date with the following members present: Condon, Dencklau, Lizer, Motl and Nolting.   Absent:  None.

Moved by Condon, seconded by Dencklau to approve minutes of January 29, 2008, regular meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Dencklau, seconded by Motl to approve salary increase for Darci Deal Mersch to $15.92 per hour, effective February 10, 2008, per recommendation of Irene Blair, Community Services Director.  Motion carried unanimously.

Public Hearing was held to review the following bids received on January 31, 2008 for the Second Floor Renovation of Building at 723 First Avenue South – Webster County Community Services (Webster County Disabilities):

                                Kolacia Construction                                          $84,999.00
                                RoJohn Home Improvement, Inc                       $80,072.00
                                Russ’s Contruction                                             $89,679.86

No written or oral objections were heard.  Chairman Lizer closed the public hearing.

Moved by Motl, seconded by Nolting to accept the low bid submitted by RoJohn Home Improvement, Inc. in the amount of $80,072.00; and further to authorize Chair to sign Contract at the appropriate time.  Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Nolting, seconded by Condon to allow claims.  Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Condon, seconded by Dencklau the meeting adjourned.  Motion carried unanimously