Board of Supervisors

Webster County Board of Supervisors
Fort Dodge, IA 50501


Board of Supervisiors Meeting
Thursday March 4, 2010

9:00 a.m. Board of Supervisors' Room
Webster County Courthouse

The Board of Supervisors met on the above date with the following members present: Condon, Dencklau, Singer and Peterson.   Absent:  Motl.

John Haila representing Haila Architecture discussed the Webster County LEC/Jail Related Projects options as follows:

LEC Repairs – All 4 Floors
Work on Lower 3 Floors ($3.82M) – Grant Funding $1,910,000 and County Contribution $1,910,000.
Jail Floor Repairs ($4.0M)
Jail Repairs $2,700,000 – Inmate Housing off site $1,300,000.

Total Cost:  $7,820,000 Less Grant -$1,910,000 = $5,910,000 Amount Required to Bond

LEC Repairs – 3 Floors + 56 Bed Jail
Work on Lower 3 Floors ($3.82M) – Grant Funding and County Contribution
for Basement, First & Second Floors $l,910,000 each.
Build New Jail Off Site – 56 bed Jail – in lieu of 76 beds = $6,000,000

Total Cost: $9,820,000 Less Grant - $1,910,000 = $7,910,000 Amount required to Bond

Scott Stevensons with Ruan Securities discussed funding options.  Understanding that the Board was not in favor of taking a general obligation bond issue to the voters for the renovation of the Law Enforcement Center and construction of a new jail facility paid for by property tax debt service levy, Scott discussed financing with General Obligation LOST Bonds paid for by Local Option Sales Tax revenue, noting that the interest payments would be substantially less with this option.  It was noted that such funding option is subject to a reverse referendum, allowing for the voters to call for an election.

Chairman Dencklau declared a recess to allow for a scheduled press conference with Governor Culver  highlighting the Culver/Judge I-JOBS initiative.  

At 11:20a.m. Chairman Dencklau reconvened the meeting.

Moved by Peterson, seconded by Condon to call for a public hearing on a proposed issuance of General Obligation LOST Bonds not to exceed $9,000,000 for the renovation of the basement, first and second floors of the Law Enforcement Center and for the construction of a new jail off site.  Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Singer, seconded by Peterson the meeting adjourned.  Motion carried unanimously.