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TENTATIVE AGENDA - BOARD OF SUPERVISOR’S Re-Organizational and Regular Meeting
Wednesday January 2, 2013 - 10:00a.m. Board of Supervisors' Room
Webster County Courthouse

The Board of Supervisors will meet in Session on the above date with the following members present:  Singer, Dencklau, Peterson, Condon and Fletcher.   Absent:   None.

8:00a.m. Board to meet with Department Heads, Committee Members and other agencies and officials.

Honorable Chief Justice Cady to swear into office the following elected officials:  Robert Singer, Clark Fletcher, Mark Campbell and Merrill Leffler, County Supervisors;  Carol Messerly, County Auditor; and James V. Stubbs, County Sheriff.

County Auditor will call the Re-organizational Meeting to order.

Appoint Robert Singer, Temporary Chair.

Appoint Chairperson for Year 2013. 

Appoint Vice-Chairperson for Year 2013. 

Approve minutes of the December 18, 2012 regular meeting. 

Receive and place on file Drainage Repairs.

Authorize Auditor to issue warrants for Year 2013 when Board is not in session for the following named purposes: freight, express, postage, utilities, salaries and payroll where such compensation shall have been previously fixed by the Board upon Certificate of the officer or foreman under whom such compensation shall have been earned. 

Approve The Messenger, Dayton Review and Gowrie News as the Official Newspapers of Webster County for Year 2013. 

Approve Eric Eide, Drainage Attorney for year 2013. 

Appoint Cody Peterson Weed Commissioner for year 2013. 

Appoint Sheilah Lizer Planning and Zoning Administrator for year 2013.

Approve the following to the Condemnation Jury.  (Copy available in Auditor’s office).

Approve the following appointments:  Robert Singer, Stephanie Sheetz and Kelly Hallsted to Midas Board; Beth Collins to Conservation Commission; Ray Ault, Veteran Affairs Commission; Dr. Janet Secor and John Dencklau to Board of Health; and Marcella Mersch; James Sandberg to Planning and Zoning Board; and Jeff Frye and Tom Donner, Drug Auditing Committee.

Approve the following appointments to the Safety Committee:  Robert Singer, James V. Stubbs, Amy Porter, Tony Jorgenson, Matt Cosgrove, Kari Prescott, Randy Will, Jamie Johll, Jan Messerly, Pam Crouch and Doug Vinson.

Approve 2013 Committee and Board Assignments for Webster County Supervisors.  (Copy available in Auditor’s office).

Approve salary increase for Geoff Miller to $55,774.71 effective December 17, 2012, per labor agreement.

Receive and place on file one-percent cost of living adjustments for Child Support Recovery Unit staff effective pay check date January 11, 2013.

Receive and place on file Manure Management Plan Updates for Bob and Travis Hicks in Section 31, Gowrie Township; Bergquist Farms in Section 23 and 24 of Hardin Township; and D.Craig Gascho in Section 10, Badger Township.

Approve and authorize Chair to sign permit application from Lynn and Beverly Schreiber to construct 24 inch private drainage tile across Route P56 (Nelson Avenue) approximately 1010 feet south of 120th Street between Northwest Quarter and Northeast Quarter of Section 17, Township 90 North, Range 28 West, Badger Township.

Citizens’ opportunity to address Board with items not on the agenda.

Board of Supervisors’ Committee Reports.

Allow claims.